If you have some goals for a good website, you can first take a look at the ready-made website templates. While browsing ready-made designs gives an idea, we can say that original designs should be taken into account.

So why? Because the visitor performance of original designs is always better…

No successful template websites?

Of course there is. However, in almost every sector, a large number of websites are already on the air. In other words, while there are so many ready-made template websites, it may be better if your ready-made site does not go live. Websites that are similar to each other are no longer of interest to users.


  • Internet users now want to see different design websites,
  • Brands that run similar websites are also considered similar,
  • Similar websites really seriously undermine any brand’s reputation,
  • The number of visitors to such sites rarely increases steadily.
  • While this is the case, it does not seem logical to set up a ready-made website.

So how should you start the design process?

How Does the Website Design Process Start?

How Does the Website Design Process Start
How Does the Website Design Process Start

There are different types of websites when it comes to website design. In other words, the type of website to be designed varies according to the need. Therefore, we can say that the design process of each type of website is different from each other.

When you need a website service, there are generally three types of website services. These can be listed as:

  1. E-commerce site
  2. Corporate website
  3. Personal web site

The process starts by choosing the one that suits your needs from these types of websites. If you need an e-commerce site, you probably have a commercial business as well. You want to move the product or service you sell in your own workplace to the virtual environment.

Is this a correct thought?

Absolutely… The interest in digital platforms is increasing day by day. The fact that the e-commerce volume is increasing day by day is a great loss for commercial formations that are not on the internet. For commercial establishments, custom design will be more functional than ready-made website templates.

How Do Website Design Stages Proceed?

How Do Website Design Stages Proceed
How Do Website Design Stages Proceed

After starting the design process with a website that fits the needs, a plan should be made for the rest of the process. In line with this plan, the design stages should be completed meticulously. For example, an e-commerce site will be established.

For this;

  • A design suitable for the structure of the company is selected,
  • The tools required for e-commerce are determined,
  • Necessary tools with codes are integrated into the website,
  • The necessary visual elements for the website are completed,
  • Trial broadcasts of the site are made,
  • The site is made ready.

Design processes may differ according to each design agency. If you want to get detailed information about how a design agency manages the website design process, you can take a look at our blog post called Web Design Firm.

How is Corporate Web Design Made?

How is Corporate Web Design Made
How is Corporate Web Design Made

The ready web site was once among the services preferred by corporate formations. However, original designs managed to come to the fore later.

Corporate studies have a separate place for professional web design firms. Because a website prepared for corporate companies also represents corporate identity.

Choosing a design that does not harm the corporate identity is a mandatory rule for corporate formations…

How can this design choice be made?

How can this design choice be made
How can this design choice be made

You should think like this;

Every corporate formation has its own unique stance. In other words, corporate formations have unique images in the sector in which they operate. Any element that may harm this image should not be included in the design process.

In the selection of design, this rule should be followed and choices should be made in accordance with the corporate identity. This rule should be taken into account throughout the design process.

In the corporate web design process; The current situation of the institutional structure, which is the service buyer, should be analyzed. In line with the analysis made, the elements suitable for the corporate identity should be determined.

In Which Situations Does a Ready Website Work?

In Which Situations Does a Ready Website Work
In Which Situations Does a Ready Website Work

Ready-made templates can be used for news sites. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that news sites have a similar design. In the middle, there is a continuous flowing slide collection. These slides change over a period of time and are replaced by a new one. The site visitor reaches the page of the news by clicking on the news that interests him.

The use of ready-made templates for informative websites does not show much. Apart from that, the biggest mistake made in the use of ready-made templates is made by corporate entities.

The use of a website with a ready-made template by corporate entities seriously harms the brand. The only suggestion for corporate formations: Do not use ready-made templates!

In What Range Are Design Prices Watching?

In What Range Are Design Prices Watching
In What Range Are Design Prices Watching

We have good news for those who want to use a ready-made website. That is, ready-made templates are less costly than original templates. Although ready-made templates do not benefit the service buyer much, this is the reality.

Web design service is actually one of the most comprehensive services. So the design service is not just creating a website. Design services can also cover post-design. The performance of a website is as important as its design. It is known that as the scope of service increases, the price of the service will also increase. It is not possible to give any price range for this.

What does it take for website performance?

A lot is needed. In other words, there are many elements to improve the performance of a website. Generally, SEO studies are effective on the visitor traffic of the website. Within the scope of SEO studies, preparing content, adding the content to the website correctly, using internal links, external links, visuals, etc. There are many studies available.

The web design service received may also include such works. Because stable studies should be done to improve the post-design performance of a website. One-time studies are not enough for website performance.

I Want To Make A Website What Should I Do?

I Want To Make A Website What Should I Do
I Want To Make A Website What Should I Do

If you need an original design other than a ready-made website, you should find a successful design agency. The design agency will handle the rest of the process. You can determine the scope of service by specifying the service need you request.

The answer to which goals you want to achieve with the website is important in this process. Because the general lines of the design will be according to the answer to this question.

Then, what will happen?

Design templates will then be created. You may be asked to choose from these. Apart from that, you can be offered many examples for the template. You can create the general framework of the design by choosing one of them.

We have said that the design process may vary according to each company. Although the whole process is similar in general terms, there are of course differences in implementation.

We can say that there are many design agencies operating in the market. Therefore, choosing the right design agency is very important. You can read our Best Web Design Agencies article for general information on this subject.


It is also possible to make ready-made website templates functional. In other words, design agencies can increase the performance of your existing website in a short time. The solution for this is still the same: Creaviser