If you want to take advantage of the best solutions within the scope of digitalization of commerce, take a look at our e-commerce website options!

Creaviser enables you to open up to the world and acquire new customers with the best e-commerce website designs it offers. Online commerce also creates e-commerce systems specially developed for your sector, services and products with technologies that carry your success every day. Creaviser’s e-commerce website packages, which are suitable for businesses of all sizes, increase your awareness and competitiveness. The remarkable e-commerce website designs prepared by our web software experts are directly effective in increasing your company sales. Get acquainted with Creaviser’s easy-to-use e-commerce website designs for your business to earn more.

If you want to contribute to the development of your company with the best e-commerce site design, contact Creaviser.

E-Commerce Site Advantages

How would you like to take a look at our e-commerce services to take advantage of the profitable aspect of the digital world?

By making online sales on digital platforms, you can increase your sales volume and increase your profitability at the same time. Creaviser contributes to your brand’s online marketing performance with its e-commerce website design services.

With a successful e-commerce site design:

  • You can increase your sales volume in a short time,
  • It can reach more competitive power in the sector,
  • You can generate income 24/7 with your virtual store,
  • It can provide your brand development quickly,
  • You can increase the visibility of your brand,
  • You can reach your company goals in no time.
E-commerce Site Advantages

E-Commerce Site Content Features

Thanks to the e-commerce sites we have prepared with an innovative perspective, you will be able to have the best quality e-shop alternatives.

  • SEO Management
  • Live Statistics
  • Deal Of The Day Sales Support
  • Discount Coupon Support
  • Multi-User Supported Administration Panel
  • Affiliate Banner System
  • Point System
  • Mass Product Update
  • Shopping Voucher Identification
  • Real-Time Basket Stock Tracking
  • Content Management
  • Detailed Shipping Settings
  • Adding Unlimited Products/Categories/Brands
  • Adding Video to the Product
  • Multi / Auto Image Resizing
  • Adding SEO Tags to the Product
  • Variable Product Support
  • Bulk Mail/SMS Sending
  • Standard Payment Modules
  • Installment Supported 3D Virtual POS
  • Social Media Settings
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Integrated Live Support Module
  • Invoice Printing Module
  • Dynamic (Ajax) Product Listing
  • Detailed Product Search
  • Update News Support to Users
  • Related Products Description
  • Defining Quantity Discounts for Products
  • Defining Product Discounts
  • Uploading Points with the Campaign
  • Google Analytics, Rich Snippets
  • Facebook Pixelcode
  • SSL Support
  • Detailed Sales/Product/Visitor Statistics
  • Order Issue Tracking Management

E-Commerce Site Software Features

If you want to open the door to a quality process in e-commerce sites, you should first aim to have an extraordinary design. In this context, it will be very valuable for you to benefit from the benefits of Creaviser. So, what do we offer you as Creaviser?

Original Design

While benefiting from e-commerce solutions, we support you in order to achieve visual perfection. Moreover, we take action to ensure that originality has a more positive impact on the consumer. When you apply for an e-commerce system, you can contact Creaviser for the best quality options.

Mobile Compatible

In order to appeal to millions of consumers who want to experience their shopping on mobile, you need to care about mobile compatibility. Because, thanks to this detail, which is an indispensable part of the digital world, you can achieve more successful results in reaching your target audience. Thus, multiply your success thanks to a mobile compatible e-commerce site!

Payment Solutions

Make you feel like you are a quality e-commerce site with integrations for different payment solutions. Moreover, while catching quality, you succeed in putting forward options that will meet your expectations in the most ideal way. Never forget that the variety of payment will increase your e-commerce shopping performance!

Cargo Integration

It is very valuable for you to sign a quality process with each new order! For an e-commerce site owner, solutions that are free from complexity and customer satisfaction are always the most valuable options. For this reason, cargo integration is indispensable for the e-commerce site. Get the quality of integration with Creaviser!

Live Support Module

The fact that you interact instantly with the customers coming to your website is one of the features that make a difference and increase your service quality. With the live support feature on your website, we care that your business is open whenever you want and that you can easily communicate with your customers.

SEO Compatible

We know how valuable SEO compliance is for an e-commerce platform! We want every detail we use within the framework of this awareness to make you stand out on Google. We support you with an expert point of view in search engine optimization and take a stand for quality. We promise to get ahead of your competitors with SEO compatible e-commerce site infrastructures.

SSL Certificate

We attach great importance to the SSL certificate, which is among the most important elements of an e-commerce platform. At this point, we exhibit a quality-oriented understanding in order to respond to every request from you. Thanks to the SSL certificate, we do our part to ensure that the payment and all other stages are safe.

Unlimited Items

Do you think it would be a problem for you to resort to a limited solution on the number of products? Then, you can start to benefit from the most valuable options with Creaviser, which promises you ideal alternatives for the number of products. For a perfect e-commerce platform, you will have an infrastructure where you can upload as many products as you want.

Management Panel

It is a child’s play to direct your store with its user-friendly design and management panel with privileged features. In this context, both the fact that it is in English and the panel’s intuitive features will bring perfection on your behalf. The most rational solutions in e-commerce are waiting for you with Creaviser!

Periodic Backup

Data loss in adverse situations such as malicious software or cyber attacks can cause loss of time and money. In order to minimize these and similar factors, we back up your website on a monthly basis.

Clean Coding

Web designs without code pollution are also considered as “prestigious web designs” by search engines. Instead of complex systems, we build fast-rising infrastructures in searches with simple and web-friendly coding techniques.

Speed Optimization

Do you want your customers visiting your e-commerce store to have a comfortable experience in terms of speed? Creaviser allows you to take advantage of the most special options related to speed optimization when you want to experience the advantage of your e-commerce site. For this reason, your customers will not leave your site due to late loading pages!
E-Commerce Site Process

E-Commerce Site Process

The services offered to our customers for the best e-commerce site design experience are:

  1. Project analysis: Interviews are held to determine our customer’s needs, goals and products.
  2. Design concepts: Within the scope of project analysis, e-commerce site design concepts are created.
  3. Product management: Preliminary preparations for the promotion, categorization and management of products are completed.
  4. Payment and delivery: Payment methods and delivery options are configured.
  5. Pre-order and stock management: Functions required for pre-order and stock management are added.
  6. Development: An e-commerce site is developed over the design concept.
  7. Test and acceptance: Tests are applied to the e-commerce site and our customer’s approval is obtained.
  8. Release and maintenance: The e-commerce site is published and maintenance services such as security, performance, updates are provided continuously.

E-commerce Site Services

We equip e-commerce site designs with extra features in line with your needs.

Multi-language support is very important for commercial establishments operating abroad. Commercial formations that want to go beyond the domestic market gain competitive power in foreign markets with multi-language support. Thanks to Multi-Language Support, it is possible to view the website in the preferred language without making any changes to an existing e-commerce site.

In e-commerce sites that do not provide multi-language support, the customer potential is limited to English only. E-commerce sites that support the most spoken languages around the world provide companies with a sales volume above the standard. In a world where e-commerce is globalized, commercial establishments that are deprived of multilingual support will lose their competitiveness over time.

Images on the e-commerce site are one of the most important elements in the promotion of products or services. The quality of the images on the e-commerce site increases the sales amount of commercial formations. The images on the e-commerce site are also important for a website to have a better user experience.

The optimal size of the images also helps the website to be used more quickly. For this reason, editing tools that allow the editing of images on an e-commerce site allow the e-commerce site to become technically better. Photo Editing; adjusting the images to the desired size, cropping them at a certain rate, performing standard editing operations, etc. It consists of many actions.

Visibility studies of a website contribute positively to the traffic of the site. The same is true for an e-commerce site. Quality content attracts more organic visitors to the e-commerce site. E-commerce sites can increase the number of potential customers by focusing more on content development.

The content in an e-commerce should be constantly updated. Because the up-to-date content on the site helps the e-commerce site to perform more effectively in search engines. Apart from this, it is necessary to determine to what extent the content on e-commerce sites contributes to the website. Necessary corrections for content that does not benefit the website should be made without delay. The Content Development function is a very important factor influencing the traffic of the website.

E-commerce sites are platforms where price and product information change rapidly. Adding and removing products/services, as well as constantly updated prices, are also frequently performed transactions on e-commerce sites. These changes should be conveyed to the target audience of the company without delay.

The mass mailing service on e-commerce sites allows sending mass mails with a single transaction instead of sending mails to the company’s surroundings one by one. In this way, any developments related to the company can be sent to the company environment instantly. Bulk Mail Sending Service is very important for those who do not want to stay away from developments.

Today, the share of virtual markets in the trade volume has increased considerably. For this reason, many commercial entities operating on the e-commerce site also sell products/services in virtual markets such as Trendyol. Business organizations that have to manage more than one store at the same time should be able to apply changes in the e-commerce site at the same time through the stores in the virtual market.

Since the changes in the e-commerce site must be made at the Trendyol store at the same time, performing these operations one by one causes a serious loss of effort and time. For this reason, an e-commerce site with Trendyol API Integration implements all changes simultaneously in the Trendyol store.

We witness that commercial establishments that own virtual stores on N11 also sell through their own e-commerce site. Thanks to virtual markets, we see that any commercial formation has a large number of stores. All changes made to the product/service data on an e-commerce site must be applied to the virtual store accounts at the same time.

Doing these operations one by one by any company will lead to unnecessary waste of time. In such cases, e-commerce sites that have integration with virtual markets implement a single change on all platforms. Changes made on an e-commerce site with N11 API Integration provide the same changes in the N11 store without requiring any additional action.

Digital catalogs, which replace classical catalogs, are among the sine qua non of e-commerce sites. Because e-commerce sites can organize campaigns in certain periods in terms of product and service marketing. The promotion of products and services on the e-commerce site through digital catalogs provides significant contributions to the e-commerce site.

Digital catalogs are very useful because of their low cost and ability to reach a large number of customers. In addition, it is possible to announce instant changes regarding products and services on the e-commerce site with digital catalogues.

We see that product promotions on e-commerce sites are no longer bounded. The promotion of a product with a three-dimensional video is now one of the methods used by many commerce sites. In addition, editing services are always required for promotional videos to be made on the e-commerce site.

E-commerce sites that offer video editing services allow the videos to be added to the site to be edited with standard tools. Thanks to video editing processes, it is possible to create attractive promotions without reducing the current speed of the website.

Promotional activities carried out before the presentation of a new product or service are necessary for commercial establishments. Quality media content should also be prepared for a promotional initiative. In addition to the basic tools, functional tools are also important in the video preparation process.

The Video Promotion Preparation feature offered for the e-commerce site ensures that the videos to be added to the e-commerce site are created in a remarkable way. Considering the fact that promotions made with video are more remarkable, the importance of video promotion preparation tools can be better understood.

When it comes to e-commerce sites, we can say that corporate structures are more successful. Google Business is the biggest assistant of commercial organizations that want to institutionalize their existing business in the virtual world. Thanks to Google Business, accounts for individual or corporate commercial structures can be created.

E-commerce sites integrated with Google Business also ensure that the changes made on the platform are processed into Google Business. Business organizations that want to be more visible in search engines can be recommended to focus on Google Business. Today, we can say that companies that do not use Google Business are quite behind in the competition.

It is a fact that stores opened in virtual markets offer significant sales volume to commercial formations. If you have an existing e-commerce site, you can integrate your virtual store with virtual marketplaces. As a result of such an integration, it is possible to appeal to a wider audience. However, managing multiple virtual stores may not be easy.

Because a change made through e-commerce should be applied to other accounts in virtual stores without wasting time. Otherwise, price differences may occur between virtual stores. Gitti Gidiyor API Integration enables commercial entities that own Gitti Gidiyor virtual store to integrate e-commerce changes into Gitti Gidiyor virtual store with a single click.

Another of the virtual stores that provide the most customer potential in Turkey is the Hepsi burada platform. Companies that have an e-commerce site can also increase their income by opening a virtual store on Hepsi burada. However, in this case, changes on different platforms should be implemented in virtual stores without wasting time.

In this case, it can be difficult to make changes in all stores individually. E-commerce sites that provide Hepsi burada API Integration instantly reflect the changes made on the online sales site to the virtual store in Hepsi burada.

Things to Know About E-Commerce Site

We have answered the most frequently asked questions about e-commerce systems for you.

What is E-Commerce Site?

Web systems where product or service purchases are made and online payment transfers are made through certain systems on the Internet are called e-commerce sites.

If you have decided to sell online, you need a useful e-commerce site. E-commerce sites can be created with a wide variety of studies at the design stage. A remarkable and unique design can be determined according to the tools needed in the online sales process.

The visual elements used in the design constitute the marketing power of the e-commerce site. In this process, the technical work required for the e-commerce site is as important as the design work.

The uninterrupted service of an e-commerce site is an indispensable element for the service buyer. For this purpose; Precautions should be taken during the design process against all elements that may disrupt the continuity of the e-commerce site.
Data security is very important for an e-commerce site.

Theft of the data shared by the customer on the site is a situation that can lead to dangerous consequences. In order to avoid such a situation, the infrastructure security of the e-commerce site should be provided at a high level.

Looking at the point where digital channels have come today, the chances of competition in the sector of commercial establishments that do not have an e-commerce site are considerably reduced.

Click for more detailed information about e-commerce sites.

What are the E-Commerce Site Benefits?

One of the benefits of the e-commerce site is that it is the best advertising tool for your company. Thanks to your e-commerce site, your company’s awareness and prestige increase. At the same time, your customers and target audience can buy your services or products whenever they want.

E-commerce site is the most important marketing tool of the last period to market products or services over the internet. As a result of the shift of commercial activities to virtual channels, e-commerce design services have also gained importance. In this sense, e-commerce sites with a successful design draw attention as a factor that directly affects the sales volume.

E-commerce sites should be created with different design studies than a standard website. In this sense; It should be aimed that the elements on the site create a buying motivation on the visitors of the site.

We must say that an e-commerce site provides many benefits to companies. First of all, e-commerce sites significantly increase the sales volume of commercial formations. The e-commerce volume, which increases by more than 50% every year compared to the previous year, causes commercial formations that are not included in the internet world to lose their competitiveness. E-commerce sites also make significant contributions to the recognizability of commercial structures.

How Much Are E-Commerce Site Prices?

Today, most of the online shopping takes place through e-commerce sites. The design stages of e-commerce sites, which are so important, should be completed meticulously. E-commerce sites are platforms that require a lot of tools compared to a standard website. These tools on the e-commerce site help to complete the e-commerce shopping without errors.

In the design process of e-commerce sites, a unique design should be created by making detailed studies. In this sense, the price of an e-commerce site varies according to the scope of the service needed. The design process of the e-commerce site may consist of the necessary studies for the performance of the website, as well as making the web site ready for use from scratch.

E-commerce site prices vary according to the features and contents of each project. For detailed information about e-commerce site fees, it will be sufficient to send the Offer Form.

What are E-Commerce Site Examples?

The e-commerce site can consist of many different designs. The shopping process of an e-commerce website can be differentiated from competing e-commerce websites. This will enable users who shop on the site to have a unique shopping experience.

Commercial entities that want to sell on an e-commerce site should use a design template suitable for their current structure. Because the elements that contradict the company structure can damage the identity of the e-commerce company. Therefore, before starting the design process of the e-commerce website, a detailed analysis should be done about the service buyer.

As a result of the analysis study, e-commerce website examples suitable for the company structure can be revealed. After the e-commerce website design, studies on the performance of the site should also be carried out at certain intervals. It should be determined which elements in the site reduce the site performance and these elements should be eliminated.

You can view examples of e-commerce sites on our e-commerce website references page.

Who Should Get E-Commerce Site Service?

Digital platforms, where e-commerce volume is increasing day by day, are the most suitable areas to achieve commercial goals. It is necessary to start the online commerce process with a unique and functional e-commerce site design. It is possible to reach high sales figures in a short time with a successful e-commerce site.

For this, it is necessary to go beyond the standard designs and focus on designs that have never been seen before. Technical competence is also extremely important for an e-commerce site along with visual success. Digital platforms that do not accept errors in terms of security are among the “must haves” of a successful e-commerce site.

Can I Get More Information About E-Commerce Site?

If you have decided to get a design service for an e-commerce site, you may need more detailed information about the process. Because the e-commerce site design process should be determined for the goals of the service buyer.

The service buyer should participate in the design process by revealing the company’s expectations and goals at the very beginning of the design process. The e-commerce site draft created in this way informs the service buyer about the final design.

What tools will be needed on the e-commerce site is revealed by company analysis. After the vehicle is identified, the integration of the vehicles into the site is done. After the necessary coding studies are completed, the e-commerce site is ready for publication. Collection systems on the e-commerce site must have a high level of security.

To get the best service in e-commerce website design, you should meet the professional web software team of Creaviser. If you want to increase your online sales with an eye-catching e-commerce site design, Creaviser is ready to help.

By getting detailed information about the subject, you can step into the e-commerce site design process without wasting time.

For all your questions and comments, you can contact us by filling out the form on our Contact page or via the WhatsApp Support Line on +90532 406 95 86.

Things to Know About E-Commerce Site