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To have a popular Instagram account, you can reach the result with the best social media experts within Creaviser.

Instagram Account Management Advantages

Target audiences and customers of brands are spending more and more time in the rapidly developing digital world. If you want to gain new customers and increase your awareness, you should get Instagram Account Management service on the internet, which is the most powerful marketing area.

Thanks to the professional Instagram account management service:

  • The number of followers of the Instagram account increases rapidly,
  • The number of likes of the shared posts increases,
  • Its interaction power increases and reaches wider audiences,
  • Shared posts increase the chance of falling into common space,
  • Loyal followers are created with target audience conversions,
  • The competitive power of the brand on digital platforms is increased to the highest level.
  • What does Instagram account management add to your brand?
Instagram Account Management Advantages

Instagram Account Management Content Features

We enable you to benefit from the power of social media with Instagram Profile Management, which we offer as part of social media consultancy.

  • Banner Works
  • Survey and Question Sharing
  • Sweepstakes / Contest Management
  • Campaign Studies
  • Discover Studies
  • Product Transactions
  • Video / Slide Design
  • Facebook Integration

Instagram Account Management General Features

With Instagram profile management, we ensure that your services and products reach large audiences within the scope of social media consultancy service.

Optimization Study

What is expected from optimization studies is that the account will increase the number of followers and receive sufficient interaction in a short time. In this sense, reaching the right target audience is important for an Instagram account. All efforts to reach the right target audience contribute to the development of the Instagram account.

Industry Analysis

It is important to analyze the industry in the development process of Instagram accounts. If you are in competition with more than one account in the same sector, you need to fully meet the expectations of the sector. For this reason, the current situation should be revealed by making sector analysis and necessary measures should be taken for the development of the Instagram account.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is needed for Instagram accounts operating in the same industry. Competitor analysis reveals how a featured account achieves this. In a way, it reveals the paths to success. Elements that can make any Instagram account in the same industry stand out can also benefit a casual account.

Content Planning

We can say that random posts on the Instagram account do not yield effective results. Content planning is essential for an account to thrive. So when and what to share should be planned in advance. The time of the shares made on the account must be the same and the posts must be made at the same intervals. Sharing made with a meticulous understanding in this way will provide effective results.

Return Transactions

In Instagram account management, followers’ communication requests should not be left unanswered. This increases the commitment of the target audience to the account they follow. For this purpose, the responses to the comments are as important as the replies to the messages sent via DM. This is also ideal for satisfying consumer curiosity about the product or service during the management of commercial Instagram accounts.

Organic Followers / Likes / Comments

The most important purpose of an Instagram account is to reach more people. The way to do this is to get organic followers. Organic followers do not only increase the number of followers of the account they follow, but also react to account activities. For example, liking a shared post or making a comment about the post under the post are among the actions of organic followers.

Hashtag Study

It’s important for a post to be visible to the target audience. The easiest way to do this is to use the right hashtag. A certain number of hashtags related to any post shared from the Instagram account should be used. This situation can be likened to SEO work on the website. The way to be visible on social media is to use the right hashtag. However, there are important techniques associated with the use of hashtags.

Interaction Studies

The statistics of the posts shared via the Instagram account should be carefully monitored. Because such a study provides the data necessary for the account to have more successful statistics. The comments made on the posts shared on the Instagram account, the likes received, the number of views and the increase in followers occur as a result of interaction studies.

Following and Unfollowing

Having a large number of followers is an important indicator of success for Instagram accounts. However, having a large number of followers does not by itself indicate that the account is successfully managed. There are many factors that reflect the success of an account. The quality of followers is also very important in Instagram account management. It is detrimental to the development of the account if the account is followed by accounts that are unrelated to its purpose.

Monthly Report Presentation

It is necessary to analyze the situation in Instagram account management. For this purpose, it is important to present the developments on the account with data on a monthly basis. This gives information about which elements are correct and which are incorrect. According to the monthly reports, urgent measures needed by the account management can be taken.

Integration Processes

Using Facebook and Instagram accounts together allows a post to be shared on multiple accounts at the same time. Integration processes should be done for those who use Instagram and Facebook accounts at the same time. In this way, it is possible to get many interactions with a single share.

Special Design Studies

Work on the development of an Instagram account will give positive results after a certain period of time. The first rule of obtaining positive results from such studies is that the studies are carried out consistently. Apart from this, the fact that Instagram accounts have special designs also affects the development potential of the account. Care should be taken to design the Instagram account in accordance with the identity of the service recipient.
Instagram Account Management Process

Instagram Account Management Process

The services offered to our clients for the best Instagram consulting experience are:

  1. Interview: In the meeting with our customer, the purposes of using Instagram (for example, increasing brand awareness, increasing the number of followers) are determined.
  2. Analysis: The current Instagram account of our customer is analyzed, information about the content and follower profile is obtained.
  3. Strategy: An Instagram strategy is created, taking into account the goals and the current situation of the customer.
  4. Planning: After the content quality and suitability is checked, content planning is done for Instagram.
  5. Broadcasting: Broadcasting, sharing and managing content on Instagram.
  6. Ad Management: Instagram ads are created, special ads are published to reach the target audience.
  7. Report: Instagram interaction and follower count are tracked, results are reported.
  8. Continuity: Studies are updated and developed according to Instagram trends and the needs of our customers.

Instagram Account Management Services

Some of our services related to Instagram Management

If you believe in the power of social media, you know how important Instagram account management is. Yes, Instagram now has an important place in our lives. This is not just for personal users.

The power of social media is also great for legal entities. For this reason, Instagram account management needs to be done professionally. Whether it’s a personal account or a corporate account, attention should be paid to the management strategy set for Instagram.

Incorrect practices may cause the account to lose followers, as well as damage the corporate identity. When it comes to Instagram account management, the scope of services offered is not the same. It is necessary not to start the service without an analysis of which service is required.

In this sense, thanks to monthly account management, it is possible to increase the number of followers in a short time and to receive interaction on the shares. However, what kind of management is required can be determined as a result of a comprehensive analysis of the service buyer’s demand and the current situation.

Instagram account management consists of general services that contribute positively to the number of followers. We can say that 3-month studies include a more comprehensive set of services rather than monthly account management. It is possible to achieve serious success as a result of the management of a standard Instagram account in a period of 3 months.

First of all, the current status of the account to be worked on should be revealed in detail. Next, a short-term work plan should be established. In line with the plan, shares that can receive interaction through the account should be made. In this way, it is possible for the account to reach the targeted level of interaction and reach a significant number of followers in a 3-month period.

For Instagram account management, it should be noted that the posts that are shared regularly are prepared in accordance with the structure of the service recipient.

3-month account management also provides very useful results for corporate brands. With the development of the corporate identity and reaching the target audience at a sufficient level, the success of the corporate formation is increasing rapidly. For trademarks, a 3-month account management gives effective results.

Brands that market products or services can reach more people through their Instagram account. The revenues of these brands, which can reach a wide target audience even without advertising, tend to increase rapidly. Since it provides so many advantages, we see that almost all brands have turned to Instagram management recently.

If you are aiming for stability in Instagram success, you can choose 6-month Instagram account management service for your own account. In the 6-month period, the level of development followed by the account can be easily determined. Once the development level of an account has been determined, it is possible to create the necessary management plan for the account.

A 6-month study is a reasonable time for an account that does not have enough followers to reach the desired level. In addition, thanks to the implemented management plan, it becomes possible for the Instagram account to increase its followers on a regular basis.

This is a situation we want to achieve in the long-term in Instagram account management. In other words, one-time increases in the number of followers are not enough for the development of the account. Increases need to be regular and continuous. Otherwise, it is an easy process to increase the number of followers of an account with fake methods applied for many accounts. However, it should be known that such moves prevent the account from developing in real terms.

There is also a special 12-month program for Instagram account management. This management program can help any account reach the targeted level starting from scratch. As it is a comprehensive management program, it is a service that is fully compatible with your goals. As part of the service, the progress of the account is regularly monitored.

The factors that contribute to the development of the account are determined throughout the study, and the use of these elements in the next process is emphasized. All techniques that do not receive or provide sufficient interaction are disabled during the Instagram account management process. In addition, a detailed report on the subject is provided to the service buyer at certain intervals.

Because the moves made in order to ensure the stable development of the account must be implemented without errors. The positive developments in the Instagram account in a short time are remarkable. At the end of the 12-month period, you can see that the account has reached a significant level.

Things to Know About Instagram Account Management

We have answered the most frequently asked questions about Instagram Account Management for you.

What is Instagram Account Management?

Today, the power of social media is used in many areas. When it comes to social media, we can say that Instagram has more interaction power. Because Instagram accounts, which are used extensively for personal purposes today, are also used extensively for corporate purposes. In other words, corporate companies benefit from the blessings of Instagram for social or commercial purposes.

Instagram accounts offer many advantages to their users, thanks to their interaction power. Due to the advantages of the Instagram account, it can be said that Instagram account management should be done professionally. Because only with a professional management, the benefits to be obtained from the Instagram account can reach the maximum level.

With this; There are many agencies that offer services for Instagram account management. These agencies help service recipients achieve their goals through disparate service delivery. There are also different service times for Instagram account management.

In other words, the management service that can be offered for 1 month can also be offered for 12 months. As the length of service increases, the scope of service inevitably expands.

What are Instagram Account Management Examples?

There are different service offerings for Instagram account management. Account management services are shaped in line with the demands of customers. Apart from this, there are also Instagram profile management services offered as standard. However, Instagram account management services should always be offered in line with customers’ goals. In this sense, the service provided must fully meet the expectations of the customer.

It is important for customers to determine what kind of method should be determined in order to achieve their own goals. For this, comprehensive analysis studies should be carried out. In line with the analyzes made, it can be predicted how long it will take to reach the goals of the customer. In line with these studies, the details of the management service that the service buyer should receive as a minimum can be created after the time to reach the targets is determined.

Generally; Instagram account management examples start with a standard monthly account management. During this period, systematic studies are carried out to increase the interaction and the number of followers of the account. The results obtained from the service at certain intervals are evaluated by the service provider.

You can check out our Instagram account management examples, which are among the social media consultancy services.

What Are the Benefits of Instagram Account Management?

We must say that with Instagram account management, profile owners can get numerous benefits. These benefits are both short-term and long-term. What are the benefits obtained with Instagram profile management, which is within the scope of social media consultancy services, is directly proportional to the targets set by the customers. But regardless of the goals, as a standard for Instagram account management;

  •  To increase the interaction level of the account in general,
  • To expand the target audience reached by the posts shared through the account,
  • To increase the number of followers of the account,
  • To make the development of the account continuous,
  • To ensure that the developments in the account are permanent, etc. focusing on goals.

Apart from these, studies that provide special benefits for the service recipient’s own goals can also be carried out. For example, a service buyer may also have the goal of marketing a product or service through his account. In this case, studies are carried out for the commercial performance of the service buyer.

How Much Are Instagram Account Management Prices?

We mentioned that Instagram account management services are different from each other. As the service period and scope of service change, service prices also vary. In this context, a standard account management service can be offered to service buyers, as well as special services that are completely unique to the Instagram profile owner.

It is a fact that private Instagram management services are more costly than a standard service. However, such studies allow the Instagram account to be successful in a much shorter time than usual.

In other words, individuals or institutions without budget constraints have the opportunity to purchase a management service that they can be successful in in a short time. In order to get precise information about Instagram account management prices, a detailed interview should be made with the agency that provides the service.

Who Should Buy Instagram Consulting Service?

Anyone who wants to reach the masses by taking part in a platform with 1.5 billion users worldwide needs Instagram account management services. In the development process of a brand, the contribution of digital platforms is quite high. Brands can share with high interaction power on Instagram.

The contents prepared for brand promotion can serve many purposes, from product and service advertisements. With Instagram account management, the development of the brand is ensured steadily. At the very beginning of the process, the structure of the brand is analyzed and the works that are suitable for the brand are determined. In short, brands that want to attract attention in the digital world should definitely get Instagram account management services.

Can I Get More Information About Instagram Account Management?

Instagram account management can be presented at different times and in a unique way. In some cases, a short management service may be sufficient for the service buyer, while sometimes long-term studies are required. Long-term studies help to accelerate the development of the Instagram account. In other words, the Instagram account, which can reach the desired level at the end of its service period, makes its success continuous with the acceleration it has gained.

In this sense, it is important what kind of service is needed for Instagram account management. The way to detect this is to correctly perceive the goals of the service buyer and to determine the strategies correctly.

When it comes to Instagram profile management, you can talk to Creaviser about how to work. In this way, you can reach your goals by getting the Instagram account management service you need in a professional way.

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