With intranet software solutions, you can perfect communication within the institution and reach privileges thanks to a quality service.

Creaviser offers you the most ideal with its different services and solution-oriented alternatives! The change and transformation of the Internet with each passing day allows the institutional integration to increase. Thanks to intranet software systems, which are a prominent solution, it is possible to apply for unconventional solutions. With the best intranet software services offered by Creaviser, you can gain features that will increase your corporate capabilities.

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Intranet Software Advantages

We cannot ignore the contribution of corporate software to increase productivity. Intranet software is among the software that accelerates corporate development and adds value to business processes. Intranet applications, which maximize the communication within the institution, also contribute to the work of the employed.

Intranet software advantages can be listed as follows:

  • It makes corporate communication efficient,
  • It shortens the business processes considerably,
  • Strengthens the corporate structure of the brand,
  • It makes corporate information and document sharing perfect,
  • Supports company development thanks to document management,
  • Assists in the creation and management of internal workflows.

Intranet Software Content Features

We offer different and customizable areas for all intranet software we have designed for you to get the best results.

  • Animation Areas
  • Social Media Integration
  • Unlimited Product Downloads
  • Banner Fields
  • Listing Sections
  • News and Announcements
  • Questionnaire and Form
  • Search In Site
  • E-Commerce System
  • Photo Gallery
  • Google Maps
  • Membership System
  • Human Resources
  • Data Fields
  • Special Requests
  • Tiered Category
  • Portfolio
  • Offer Request System
  • Video Gallery
  • Membership System

Intranet Software General Features

Let’s talk about a few of the intranet software features designed according to your needs.

Custom Software

You can open the door for intranet software that aims to facilitate communication to be specially designed for you. The basis of these software, which is specially designed for you, is to achieve more ideal results. As Creaviser, we take care not to compromise on quality while responding to your expectations.


We provide opportunities to facilitate communication by offering options that will positively affect interaction. Moreover, we take great care not to compromise on quality. While responding to your expectations, we make you feel that we care about convenience in almost every subject.

Ease of Use

While we design intranet software specifically for you, we also produce solutions to ensure quality use. Moreover, we present solutions that users can use without the need for extensive training on information. In this context, we prioritize not only quality but also efficiency.

Updatable Solutions

We do not ignore the updates in the quality-oriented solutions we offer you with the privileges of intranet software. Moreover, we attach importance to alternative perspectives in order for these technologies to produce the most ideal solution for you. As Creaviser, we do not compromise on quality, while providing services that meet your demands.

24/7 Support

We promise solutions that will enable you to eliminate the risks you may encounter while developing systems specific to you with intranet software. Moreover, we know that it is vital to intervene at the right time. You can take action with Creaviser for solutions based on quality and high performance.

Low Costs

We support you with our intranet software solutions that offer flexible options in terms of costs. While aiming for the software to be of better quality, we offer alternatives that will not leave you in a difficult situation regarding costs. Would you like to use a budget-friendly option with Creaviser?

Data Security

Creaviser both facilitates communication within the scope of intranet software and ensures that your data is safe. It makes you feel safe by taking measures to prevent the loss of your data.

Efficiency Oriented System

We prioritize efficiency with intranet solutions and respond to all requests from you. We focus on ensuring that you spend less effort and get more results within the business.

Integrable Alternatives

We enable all digital processes used within the organization to be integrated into the system. We produce solutions for intranet software to be a part of the said integration.

Intranet Software Process

Beklentinizi tam anlamıyla karşılayan bir intranet yazılım için her prosesi eksiksiz olarak tamamlıyoruz

  1. Receiving customer request
  2. Goal analysis, collection of information, alternative solution suggestions
  3. Presentation of the work flow
  4. Proposal preparation and approval
  5. Creating the preliminary draft and determining the pages
  6. Harmonization of coding and visual design
  7. Entering information and content
  8. Publication trial of the project
  9. General checking and troubleshooting
  10. Project approval
  11. Delivery of intranet software project

Intranet Software Services

We equip intranet software with extra features in line with your needs.

Intranet software is considered as ideal systems for internal communication. It is possible for the employees of the institution to communicate uninterruptedly through the software. The intranet, which helps employees to improve their communication with each other, also contributes to the efficiency of teamwork. It is also possible to send media items between employees during communication over the intranet. In this way, it is possible to perform business processes more efficiently.

Intranet software is also highly secure as it only allows access from within the organization. There is no outside access to the meetings held within the institution. Intranet software does not require any cost for in-house communication and also provides archiving of needed conversations. Intranet software systems are considered as systems that strengthen the internal communication of corporate employees and provide effective solutions in communication.

Intranet software also offers useful solutions for in-house information and document sharing. Intranet software, which allows instant document sharing by the employees of the institution, also allows adding fixed files. In this way, all documents that may be needed by the employees of the institution can be uploaded to the system in a fixed way. It is important to have files that can be shared uninterruptedly for documents that may be needed at any time.

Thanks to intranet software, large files can be shared in a short time. It is also very easy to store documents on the intranet system. The files stored in the software can be downloaded by the employees of the institution without wasting time. In this way, there is no limit for sharing information and documents. The intranet is an extremely reliable system when it comes to file sharing, as it is only accessible to the employees of the institution.

Document management comes to the fore with the recording of documents in the intranet system. Files added to the software can be practically deleted after the need. The files shared for the benefit of the employees of the institution may be included in the intranet software for a certain period of time. Shared files can be removed from the system even after the sharing period has expired.

Documents uploaded to the system can be classified according to demand. Document classification can be done by opening different sub-files. In this way, it becomes possible for the employees of the institution to access the documents without wasting time. Files that can be uploaded over the intranet can be sent to other platforms at any time.

The benefits of intranet software are not limited to communication and data sharing. It is also possible to create and manage business processes through the software. The tasks assigned to the employees of the institution can be easily followed through the same system. The ability to monitor business processes over the intranet also closely affects the commitment of the employees to the work.

Monitoring business processes via intranet software makes business management efficient. The tasks assigned to the employees of the institution over the intranet can also be given for a certain period of time. When the time expires or when there is little time left, status notification can be made to the related parties via the software. In this way, business processes can be carried out on time. Through the intranet, workflows can also be schematized using visual elements.

Things To Know About Intranet Software

Frequently asked questions about intranet software

What is Intranet Software?

Intranet software stands out as software that offers numerous solutions for corporate formations. Whether it is a commercial structure or a social organization, corporate business processes become more practical thanks to intranet software.

Systems that are used to share information and processes operating in a closed circuit within an institution are called intranet software. Intranet software features are designed entirely in line with the needs of the corporate structure. This means that when it comes to the best intranet software, different design work is needed for each company.

It is very important to determine what features the company has during the design phase of intranet software. For this reason, at the very beginning of the process, the software with which features the company needs is determined.

At the first stage, the current situation of the service buyer should be analyzed and the necessary work plan should be made meticulously. As it is known, intranet software has a feature that does not allow any outside intervention. This means that the software is more secure.

What are Intranet Software Examples?

Intranet software that is useful for companies should be designed according to the characteristics of each corporate structure. For this reason, intranet software samples that emerge as a result of the design may differ from each other.

When it comes to intranet software, software performance is also among the important criteria. Intranet software, in which a lot of information about the institution is stored, can also contain the information necessary for the activities of the corporate structure.

For this reason, if any problem occurs in the performance of intranet software, this may adversely affect the performance of the corporate formation. Another important issue for intranet software is the security situation… A vulnerable intranet software poses the risk of corporate data being stolen. In this sense, error-free coding should be done during the production of the software. In this way, it can be said that intranet software can become secure against cyber attacks.

For examples of intranet software, you can check the intranet software project page.

What are the Intranet Software Benefits?

In general, intranet software that provides internal communication has positive aspects that cannot be underestimated. To list a few of them;

  1. It accelerates the exchange of information within the institution.
  2. It prevents the critical information of your institution from getting into the hands of third parties.
  3. In-house management operates in a transparent and practical way.
  4. Certain jurisdictions can be defined for each staff member.
  5. It improves the corporate culture and contributes to your brand image.
  6. All information belonging to the enterprise can be stored in the database recorded by intranet software.
  7. As we listed above, intranet software includes many more features.

When it comes to enterprise software, intranet software seems to provide many benefits. First of all, it is possible to manage business processes through software.

However, a lot of information about the corporate structure can be stored in the software. The information stored in the software is available to employees when needed. Intranet software is among the software that should be kept up-to-date.

The performance of intranet software, which is kept up-to-date, does not suffer any loss. Today, companies that talk about institutionalization are unlikely to have intranet software. For this reason, all structures that want to step into institutionalism should immediately get service for intranet software specific to their sector.

How Much Are Intranet Software Prices?

Intranet software is designed as software with many features compared to a standard software. In addition, these software are produced within the scope of the features required by the service buyer. In other words, it is not possible to adapt a standard intranet software to every corporate formation.

This situation causes the design processes of intranet software to be more qualified. Therefore, the design prices of intranet software are higher than that of a standard software service. For organizations that need intranet software services, the boundaries of the service should be clearly defined.

It should be revealed what kind of work should be done for the features that are thought to be included in the software. A function required for one service recipient may not be necessary for another organisation. It is necessary to make such determinations correctly and to manage the software studies in line with the needs. The subjective nature of intranet design studies prevents a standard service price for each project.

In other words, the most suitable price is determined according to the requested service for each software work. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the design firm to get clear information about intranet software prices.

Who Should Buy the Intranet Software Service?

Can I Get More Information About Intranet Software?

Before starting the intranet software works, the expectations of the service buyer should be fully revealed. At the very beginning of the process, the current situation of the service buyer should be examined and what needs to be included in the intranet design process should be determined.

With the correct determination of the features to be included in the software, it must be integrated into the software as a result of error-free coding studies. Visual elements used in intranet software should be determined in accordance with the institutional structure. The technical success of the software is not enough on its own. The visuals in the intranet software should be as original and remarkable as the technical works.

Before starting the design process for intranet software, you may need detailed information about the scope of service. Creaviser, which makes successful software and designs with its professional team, also offers the most accurate solutions for corporate formations with intranet software services. You can contact Creaviser for detailed information on the subject.