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By being with you in all processes including corporate web design, publishing and support services, we ensure the development of your digital identity. Corporate web designs have a great impact on the development process of brands. For this reason, Creaviser reveals in detail what should be applied during the corporate web design service. With our experienced web software team, we produce corporate web design projects that will contribute to the prestige of your brand.

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Corporate Web Design Advantages

Corporate web design services are important works that enable the development of a brand with a corporate structure. Corporate design processes require the correct perception of the requirements of the conventional structure of the brand.

With corporate web design services:

  • Creating a corporate brand,
  • To ensure the development of the corporate brand,
  • Reaching targets in a very short time frame,
  • Increasing product/service sales,
  • It is possible to carry the competitive power in the sector to the highest level.
Corporate Web Design Advantages

Corporate Web Design Content Features

We create completely different and customizable areas for each corporate website design.

  • Animation Areas
  • Social Media Integration
  • Unlimited Product Upload
  • Banner Fields
  • Listing Sections
  • News and Announcements
  • Survey and Form
  • Search in site
  • E-Commerce System
  • Photo Gallery
  • Google Maps
  • Membership System
  • Human Resources
  • Data Fields
  • Special Requests
  • Layered Category
  • Portfolio
  • Offer Request System
  • Video Gallery
  • Membership System

Corporate Web Design Software Features

Check out the basic features we offer as standard in corporate web design projects.

Original Design

One of the biggest privileges of being corporate is its own characteristics. When designing a special website for you, we do not ignore originality. We sign designs to create a corporate web page that inspires not, but inspires. In this sense, we enable you to have the most original corporate web design in the digital world.

Mobile Compatible

With a perspective that knows the expectations of internet users, we create mobile compatible web designs. In our age where mobile compatibility is not a solution but a necessity, we make corporate web design suitable for mobile. In this context, we bring the user experience to the best standards.

High Definition

Corporate web design is a visual and functional whole. We aim to deliver high resolution projects by prioritizing this understanding. While we ensure that our graphic design team work meticulously, we ensure that the project reveals what is desired with a solution suitable for its purpose.

Corporate E-Mail Account

One of the biggest needs of a corporate brand is a corporate e-mail account. With Creaviser privileges, we enable you to have a corporate e-mail account compatible with your domain name. In this way, we make it possible for your customers to reach you more easily.

Live Support Module

Being instantly interacting with customers coming to your website is one of the features that make a difference and increase your service quality. With the live support feature on your website, we care that your business is open whenever you want and that you can easily communicate with your customers.

SEO Compatible

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the most important marketing channel for all businesses that want to reach potential customers. We deliver all the settings and features you need to stand out in all search engines such as Google, ready in the infrastructure of your website.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is a must to have a reliable user experience on the internet! We prioritize trust in web design solutions by taking action with data encryption and quality-oriented solutions. Thanks to the SSL Certificate, we provide the opportunity to find your corporate web page more easily while providing trust.

Unlimited Pages

We think that limiting the number of pages to your corporate website request is to limit your project. Based on this understanding, we do not present a project limited to the number of pages in order to provide the most suitable solution for your request. We set our goal as designing a strong, high quality and attention-grabbing corporate website.

Admin Panel

It is very necessary to have the admin panel of your website in order to make the necessary changes or renewals. If you want to be in control according to your preference, we deliver it with an easy-to-use and practical admin panel.

Periodic Backup

While we ensure that your web design is visually flawless, we also eliminate possible risks with continuous backup for data security. While we prevent your data from being lost due to external attacks, we also ensure that your data is safe in the event of an attack.

Clean Coding

Web designs without code pollution are also considered as “prestigious web designs” by search engines. Instead of complex systems, we build infrastructures that rise rapidly in searches with simple and web-friendly coding techniques.

Speed Optimization

We know that user orientation, which is the most striking issue in corporate web design solutions, is directly related to page loading speed. With this awareness, we also claim that offering a quality page design will create solutions suitable for your corporate structure. You can choose us for a web design that attracts attention with its page speed.
Corporate Web Design Project Process

Corporate Web Design Project Process

Services offered to our clients for the best corporate web design experience include:

  1. Analysis: The needs of the business, the target audience are determined and the competing corporate websites are examined.
  2. Design: A corporate web design is created within the scope of the analysis study.
  3. Enhancement: All functions needed by the website are added.
  4. Test: Various tests are performed and any errors or problems are corrected.
  5. Publishing: The website is uploaded to the hosting service provider and made ready for publishing.
  6. Maintenance: Periodic maintenance such as security, performance and updates are applied.

Corporate Web Design Services We Offer

If you need support other than website design, here are our other service areas

It is very important to operate in the international arena for corporate formations. The formations that want to operate in the international arena face the problem of foreign language.

We can say that multi-language support for websites reflecting corporate identity provides functional results in this sense. For corporate structures that want to have a large target audience abroad, it can be seen as a necessity to present the website in a foreign language.

For this reason, it is an important feature that the website has a foreign language presentation in website design services… We can say that today, corporate structures that want to continue their activities only in the national area will take place in an area far below the potential.

The photo editing service offered with personal websites provides useful results for the website to receive interaction. This also applies to corporate websites. In other words, if you want to get maximum efficiency from the website, you should focus on photo editing.

Visual design is one of the most important elements for users visiting the website. Although the technical condition of a website is the only factor that directly affects the performance of the site, visual elements are considered more important for visitors to the site.

For this reason, photo editing service in website design can be preferred for the preparation of remarkable visuals.

The contribution of a quality content to the website is indisputable. Quality content also closely affects the search engine performance of a website.

In other words, the more quality the content on a website is prepared, the higher the overall traffic of that site over time. Today, regular studies are required to prepare content that contributes to site performance.

In other words, one-time studies are not very beneficial for the performance of the site. Studies on the performance of a website after its publication are as important as the design processes of a website. For this reason, the performance of the website can be increased regularly by getting content development service. By producing quality content in a short time, site performance can reach the desired level.

Collective communication channels are very useful for corporate structures. In this way, the target audience can be informed about an important development regarding the corporate structure. Bulk mailing service provides many advantages for commercial establishments.

For example, notifying customers of a campaign about the company via e-mail helps the campaign to get the targeted interaction. Thanks to the mass mailing service, the hassle of communicating with the target audience one by one is eliminated.

It does not seem possible to manage the target audience without mass mailing service for corporate formations.

Although digital catalogs may seem useful only for commercial establishments at first glance, these types of catalogs offer many benefits to wider audiences. Thanks to the digital catalogues, it is possible to provide general information to the target audience with a predominant visual aspect. Moreover, if the information in the catalogs becomes out of date for any reason, the editing costs are almost non-existent.

Catalogs prepared in the digital environment can be published on the website or sent to the target audience via e-mail. In fact, thanks to the mass mailing service, all up-to-date catalogs can be delivered to the interested parties with a single click.

We have mentioned that the works that attract the attention of site visitors are important in website design. In this sense, media elements need to be designed in a way that can receive interaction for visitors to a website.

Thanks to the video editing service, it is possible to prepare a standard video with very different designs. Edits made on any video contribute to the visual success of the site. With this; The video editing service is counted among the works that increase the originality of the website. Video editing service for corporate companies is an important element that increases the interest of the target audience to the website.

Promoting the activities of corporate companies in a remarkable way undoubtedly increases the interest in the activities. At this stage, video promotion preparation services gain importance.

Video promotion preparations can be a video that introduces the corporate structure in general terms, or it can be preferred for the promotion of important events. Video promotion services are more popular for service buyers who generally use social media actively. Because sharing the promotional videos on the website on social media accounts increases the interaction of the website.

Search engine performance, unquestionably, contributes to website traffic. In addition, a website’s ranking at the top of the search engine also helps the corporate structure to be recognized by wider segments.

The Google Business service can also be offered to provide the aforementioned recognizability. Google Business is one of the most important promotional tools for corporate structures. In other words, the search performance of the website increases rapidly when the Google Business account is used. However, the Google Business service also needs to be managed professionally.

There is no possibility for a corporate website to fail when the right moves are made.

Corporate Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

You can review the section below to find answers to your questions about corporate web design that your business or brand needs.

What is Corporate Web Design?

Corporate web design is a service that brands, institutions or businesses apply to have a website with an emphasis on institutionalism. Corporate web design, which points to an ambitious digital solution, brings quality.

The role of corporate web design services is very important in the development of corporate identity. Corporate structures focus on web design services in order to stay in constant interaction with their target audiences. In this sense, corporate websites not only convey information about the corporate structure to the target audience, but also create product or service marketing opportunities.

Corporate web design services are formed by the combination of many services. For this reason, it is necessary to evaluate web design studies, which have an institutional structure, as a whole.

Corporate web design services should be offered considering the characteristics of the corporate structure. Because corporate businesses have unique features and image in the sector in which they operate. For this reason, the web design services received should also be in accordance with the visible image of the business.

What Is A Corporate Web Site?

Corporate website is digital solutions that succeed in reflecting corporateness visually and functionally. Websites that convey information about the corporate structure to the digital world can be defined as corporate websites. Today, there are many purposes that corporate structures target with website design services. The goals of corporate structures and website design studies should be compatible with each other. For example, for a corporate entity that wants to sell products or services online, a functional website should be created in line with this goal.

Corporate websites should be based on a design chosen according to the characteristics of the corporate structure. If online sales are aimed through the corporate website, the installation of tools that serve this purpose should be done meticulously.

What are the Benefits of Corporate Web Design for a Brand?

With corporate web design, it is possible for you to become a more respected brand in the eyes of consumers. You can contribute to your awareness with a website that attracts the attention of the consumer and includes details about the brand or institution.

Web design services are among the mandatory services for all corporate formations that want to take part in the digital world. Corporate web design works provide many benefits from promoting the company to increasing its profits. Corporate websites designed in line with the determined targets can increase the value of the corporate structure in a short time.

Corporate web design works are considered as continuous works for formations that want to have a digital identity. We see that a formation that is no longer on virtual platforms is not found reliable in the eyes of the target audience. In other words, corporate web design sites directly contribute to the prestige of the corporate structure. Corporate web design services with such important functions should be obtained from the right design firm.

How Much Are Corporate Web Design Prices?

Corporate website design services are formed by the combination of many services. Regardless of the type, design services are provided within the limits determined by the service buyer. In other words, creating a website template with only visual elements should not be considered as corporate web design services. Because all companies are in constant competition in the sector in which they operate, web design services should also have continuity.

Corporate web design service prices are related to what the design services cover. Therefore, first of all, the services that the service buyer needs should be determined. After determining the required design services, corporate web design works can be started. The limits of the design service required by corporate structures are also revealed through detailed analyzes before the process.

What are Corporate Web Design Examples?

It is possible to create different web design examples for a corporate formation. Corporate web design examples are shaped according to the goals expected from the design. For example, a website prepared for promotional purposes only has more standard features than a website prepared for online sales.

Because for a corporate structure that wants to sell online through a website, more tools need to be integrated into the website. The examples to be created for corporate companies should be designed according to the expectations of the service buyer. The common feature that all institutional works should have is originality.

Who Should Buy Corporate Web Design Service?

There are many criteria that contribute to the institutionalization of a brand. For a brand that is connected to digital platforms, the key to institutionalization is successful websites. Corporate web design services reflect the unique structure of a brand to the outside world. Web design studies, which can effectively promote the brand, also allow the brand to reach its current goals.

A corporate brand should be accessible to digital platform users. All brands that want to increase the level of accessibility, become more visible and reach all existing targets in a short time should get corporate web design services.

Can I Get More Information About Corporate Web Design?

The design services required by each company are different from each other. At the very beginning of the business process, the current situation of the company is analyzed. In line with the analyzes made, the best corporate website design can be determined.

Corporate websites are sites where data security must be provided at a high level. For this reason, it is necessary to carefully prepare the elements that ensure the infrastructure security of the website. In the design process, visual elements that are suitable for the structure of the corporate website should be preferred. As a result; The design of a corporate website should not contradict the natural structure of the company.

Corporate web design stages differ according to the structure of each organization. You can take a step into professional web design services with Creaviser by getting detailed information about the subject. You can contact us immediately by filling out the form on our Contact page or via the WhatsApp Support Line on +90 532 406 95 86.

Corporate Web Design Frequently Asked Questions