Being the leader of visual platforms, YouTube appeals to the whole world with its 2 billion users. 43% of computer users in the world definitely access YouTube on a monthly basis. What wouldn’t a successful account management services provide on the YouTube platform, which has such a high level of interaction?

First of all, whether for commercial or social purposes, YouTube plays an extremely important role in the development of individual and corporate brands. Thanks to successful YouTube account management services, high level of interaction is achieved by producing quality content. Thanks to interactions, it is also possible for the brand to become more visible and to ensure brand development. Creaviser offers the best Youtube account management services together with the most successful social media experts.

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YouTube Account Management Advantages

YouTube account management benefits are closely related to brands with goals in the digital world. The right moves made on Youtube enable you to become a leader in the digital world in a short time.

With successful Youtube account management:

  • Increasing the visibility of the brand,
  • Creating high-interactive content,
  • To promote products/services,
  • To ensure the rapid development of an individual channel,
  • To produce content that takes place in the general area,
  • It is possible to improve search engine performance.
YouTube Account Management Advantages

YouTube Account Management Content Features

We enable you to benefit from the power of social media with YouTube Channel Management, which we offer as part of social media consultancy.

  • Banner Works
  • Survey and Question Sharing
  • Sweepstakes / Contest Management
  • Campaign Studies
  • Discover Studies
  • Product Transactions
  • Video / Slide Design
  • Integrations

YouTube Account Management General Features

Within the scope of YouTube channel management and social media consultancy services, we ensure that your services and products reach large audiences.


Search engine optimization is required to increase the number of views of a quality YouTube content. YouTube optimization processes ensure that a video is included and visible in search results. The studies also provide effective results in Youtube’s own searches. Making a content more visible is an important element that increases the interaction power of that content.
Optimization studies for YouTube channels and posts should be reviewed periodically. The interaction level of the channel should be maintained by making arrangements in accordance with the changing algorithms. When Youtube optimization studies are not done, no matter how high quality the content is, the content cannot get the interaction it deserves because it is not visible.

Channel Creation

The first step in the YouTube journey begins with creating a purposeful channel. YouTube channel creation processes should be done by considering algorithms. In addition, the texts and images to be used in the channel should also be valued as important elements of the channel creation process.
A channel with insufficient design has difficulty in attracting visitors. In addition, the images in the channel should be supported with impressive texts. In addition to the visual arrangement of the channel, technical studies should also be done within the channel. The benefit that can be obtained from the channel should be maximized by applying strategies suitable for the channel’s own goals.

Channel Development

Creating a channel is essential to stepping into the world of YouTube. However, since there are many competitors in the sector, an existing channel needs to be managed with the right strategies. YouTube channel development efforts make it necessary to renew all the components of a channel.
The road map necessary for the development of the channel should be prepared and the map should be updated from time to time. In the channel development process, all initiatives that increase the interaction power of the channel are exhibited. Reaching more people and enabling them to interact with the post is an important goal of the channel development process.

Channel Analysis

Is analysis necessary for a YouTube channel that is constantly increasing its subscriber count? In fact, YouTube channel analysis studies should be done for each channel. Because even a regularly developing channel has many obstacles in front of it. When these elements are eliminated, the development process of the channel accelerates.
With the YouTube channel analysis, the elements that will benefit the channel are determined. What is wrong and how to fix the errors are also included in this process. Channel analyzes are carried out in certain periods and the detected negative elements are changed over the channel.

Increasing the Number of Subscribers

It is possible to contribute to the popularity of the channel by increasing the number of subscribers for each YouTube channel. Many search engines, especially Google, reward every successful content. Quality and remarkable YouTube content reaches a large number of users on the platform in a short time.
Those who like the content also increase the number of followers of the channel by subscribing to the channel. On the other hand, fake methods that increase the number of subscribers cause damage to a channel rather than its development. Because increasing the number of subscribers should not be done as an instant application. For the permanent success of a brand, studies that increase the number of YouTube subscribers should be spread over a long period of time.

Following the Right Accounts

A new channel is created almost every minute on the YouTube platform. This situation causes accounts operating in the same sector to compete in the virtual world. Those who want to stay ahead of the competition should follow the leading companies in the sector and create their strategies. YouTube account subscribing should not be done haphazardly. It should be made easier to fight with competitors in the same industry by following the channels to which the account is associated.

Getting Comments

Attention-grabbing content allows users on YouTube to comment on the content. Organic subscribers are the people who make real comments on the content on the social media platform. Comments from organic subscribers increase the popularity of the channel and contribute to its visibility. In this way, the content shared on the channel can fall into the recommended area. The ability to receive YouTube comments for each channel is extremely important for the development of the channel. Thanks to comments, the interaction power of the brand increases. Channels with increased interaction power can also reach wider audiences.

Getting Likes

As hard as it is to get organic comments for all YouTube channels, it is not easy to get likes either. It takes a lot of effort to produce interesting content and get organic likes. Getting lots of likes is important because posts that get likes appear in the public domain.
YouTube likes are an extremely necessary step in the brand development process. Because accounts that manage to get a lot of likes are always ahead of their competitors.

Setting a Video Topic

One of the most difficult things in the process of making YouTube videos is determining the video subject. Because there are many users on the YouTube platform, it is possible to find something on almost every subject. However, if it is desired to prepare quality content, the “topic determination” phase should be comprehensively addressed at the very beginning of the process.
Videos with attention-grabbing topics always have higher viewing rates. Getting professional support in the subject determination process contributes to the success of brands. Since YouTube has many competitors in every field, there is content on almost every subject. This situation makes it necessary for many brands that have gained new development momentum to create high-level content.

Quality Video Creation

After the YouTube video topic is determined, the video must be prepared in a quality manner. For this purpose; The image quality of the videos should be at a high level and the editing of the content should have a unique structure. The more original the editing of YouTube videos, the higher the viewership potential.
State-of-the-art equipment should be used to reflect the fiction to the content in an error-free and remarkable way. After the video shooting for the content is completed, the necessary editing processes are made and the video is finalized. The most exclusive content should be created with YouTube video creation processes.

Advertising Revenue Generating

Increasing the number of visitors to any channel on YouTube gives the brand a chance to earn advertising revenue. However, it is not easy to get a revenue share as there are many channels on the YouTube platform. For this, original and remarkable content should be prepared. After the content is prepared, an application is made for advertising revenue.
Brands that are approved to publish advertisements can earn a high level of income through the channel. Thanks to YouTube advertising revenue, even the digital management expenses of brands can be easily met.

When it comes to advertising revenue; it should be said that placing the ads in the right time slots increases the viewing rates. This situation, on the other hand, provides brand development by increasing advertising revenue.

Competitor Analysis

It should be known what the brands struggling in the same sector are doing. Only in this way can the right steps be taken. Youtube competitor analysis reveals the situation of brands competing in the same category in detail. The competitor analysis should be repeated at certain times to reveal what the competitors are doing.
Without competitor analysis, it is not possible for the brand to develop and have more followers. Competitor analysis studies reveal where brands are and how they should act next. YouTube competitor analysis studies are among the “must haves” of every brand.
YouTube Account Management Process

YouTube Account Management Process

We follow the steps below in the best YouTube management service:

  1. Interview: Youtube usage purposes (for example, increasing brand awareness, increasing the number of subscribers) are determined.
  2. Analysis: Our customer’s current YouTube channel analysis is made, information about the content and subscriber profile is obtained.
  3. Strategy: The YouTube strategy is created, taking into account the objectives and the current situation of the customer.
  4. Planning: After the content quality and suitability is checked, content planning is done for YouTube.
  5. Optimization: The channel is optimized for search engines. (SEO)
  6. Broadcasting: Broadcasting on YouTube, creating and managing interactive and interactive content.
  7. Ad Management: YouTube ads are created, special ads are published to reach the target audience.
  8. Report: YouTube engagement and subscriber count are tracked, results are reported.

YouTube Account Management Services

You can choose the most suitable one for your budget among the YouTube packages included in the social media consultancy.

YouTube account management services consist of many management strategies that are implemented on a short-term basis. YouTube algorithms should be followed in order to create a Youtube page and make this page attractive in a short time. Designs should be made for the area in which the account operates, and content with high interaction power should be prepared.

In order to be a successful YouTuber, the content must be shared on the channel at intervals determined within the plan. YouTube monthly account management services; It includes many services such as opening a new channel, preparing the designs that the channel needs, creating posts with high interaction power, tagging the posts correctly, and implementing strategies that increase the level of watching the videos.

The work done is evaluated on a weekly basis and the necessary adjustments are made to the account. In this way, it is possible for the account to become permanently open to interaction rather than a one-time interaction. Monthly account management services include the development of an existing account. An account that has been opened before turns into an account with high interaction power when the right methods are applied.

We should say that medium-term management plans through YouTube accounts also provide effective results. The accounts, which gained momentum as a result of management services, continue to develop at the end of the service period. YouTube 3-month account management services start with the determination of the parameters needed by the brand.

What kind of content will be prepared and at what time intervals they will be shared are planned within the scope of the service. The designs required for the duct should also be prepared professionally. Because for a channel with high interaction power, the profile page and the promotional components of the posts should be interesting.

The general rules that apply to every social media account also apply to the YouTube platform. In this direction, the creation of original content for the YouTube channel should be given importance under all circumstances. Originally produced content ensures that the channel is followed by the relevant target audience. In addition, Youtube algorithms are a special system based on rewarding channels that produce original content.

The 6-month plan that you come across in YouTube account management includes very detailed studies. Within the scope of YouTube 6-month account management, weekly plans are created by determining brand targets. The success graph that the channel should follow in daily and weekly periods is revealed. If there are stubs in the determined targets on the basis of time, the studies are revised and the factors that hinder the development of the channel are eliminated.

Since YouTube channels can be opened on different topics, the needs of each channel are different from each other. So much so that even channels operating on the same subject need their own regulations. This indicates that standard channel management initiatives are ineffective. Each channel has its own dynamics and these dynamics change at certain times. It is important to reveal the development graph of the channel for the channel to develop regularly and continuously.

The dynamics of the channel are determined during the 6-month account management studies of Youtube. In this direction, permanent strategies that should be implemented in the channel are revealed. The continuation of these strategies at the end of the 6-month period ensures the continuation of the growth momentum gained by the channel within 6 months. Competitor analysis is also included in the 6-month management services. How your competitors move is an important map used to determine your route.

Long-term YouTube management studies are a very detailed program preferred by those who want to reach the top in their field. With YouTube 12-month account management, the success of the channel becomes almost ossified. In other words, the development of the account is continuous and the balance of development is not easily disturbed.

Within the 12-month plan, designs suitable for the brand are made and the content is created at the highest quality. With the correct labeling studies, the content takes its place in the search results of the relevant users. Moreover, the scores of watching and getting likes of the videos that succeed in getting the top rankings also increase.

To create a YouTube page, the potentials of the brand must be carefully determined. Since each channel has its own development potential, it is necessary to analyze the data correctly and act according to the data.

12-month YouTube account management services are the most detailed management service offered within the scope of Youtube platform. Thanks to this service you receive in a 12-month period, you can reach all your YouTube-related goals.

Things to Know About YouTube Account Management

We have answered the most frequently asked questions about YouTube Channel Management for you.

What is YouTube Account Management?

It is possible to achieve many goals with a successful YouTube channel, whether individual or corporate. Today, Youtube, which is used extensively by commercial organizations for promotional purposes, also provides useful results for product and service marketing activities. Regardless of the type of YouTube channel, it is necessary to prepare remarkable videos for a successful Youtube account management.

However, videos on the channel should not be uploaded in a random time period, but at intervals determined within the framework of the plan created within the scope of account management. It is extremely important in the account management process that the video content that should be produced for the YouTube channel is not contrary to the brand’s structure. The contents prepared for the channel are subjected to professional video montage processes. After the video editing processes are completed, the content is watched from beginning to end many times and deficiencies are detected.

It should also be said that in the YouTube account management process, attention should be paid to the correct selection of tags and description texts while adding the videos to the channel. In addition, the selected titles are extremely important for the YouTube video to rank first in the search engine. It is possible to earn advertising income thanks to account management on Youtube. Putting the ads in the videos at the most optimal times increases the ad revenues of the channel rapidly.

What Are YouTube Account Management Examples?

Youtube account creation is done in many different ways. Within the scope of Youtube channel management, the management of commercial or social accounts is provided. In addition, it is offered within the scope of account management services that individual accounts receive interaction for their goals, regardless of their purpose.

It is necessary to increase the number of subscribers of the channel by preparing remarkable videos for YouTube channels and making these videos visible. For a YouTube channel, simply increasing the number of subscribers is not enough. It is also important for the development of the channel that the videos shared through the account are watched and liked by YouTube users.

Relevant comments on videos by users also ensure that the video is presented to a wider audience. YouTube account management examples are presented in the form of opening a channel from scratch and bringing this channel to the targeted level, while at the same time it is presented for the development of an existing account.

What Are the Benefits of YouTube Account Management?

You should know that all the targets associated with Google today are also related to the YouTube platform. For example, if you manage a website, it is very important for you to rank high in the search engine. There are also YouTube account management processes that you need to do to ensure this.

With a successful YouTube channel, you can ensure that your website gets more interaction. You can also take advantage of the opportunities offered by YouTube for the development of your social media accounts. When it comes to brand development, you can reach your goals in a reasonable time with Youtube account management services.

It is also possible to develop a personal brand and earn advertising revenues with Youtube channel management. You can earn regular income by reaching a certain level of views and number of subscribers on YouTube. With Youtube earnings calculations, you can find out the potential income level of your account. In other words, there is no limit to what you can do for all your personal or corporate goals on the YouTube platform. Youtube account management rituals should be applied professionally for those who aim for success in the digital world.

How Much Are YouTube Account Management Prices?

If you have goals through the YouTube platform, YouTube account management prices are another topic that interests you. There are different management plans for YouTube account management. With the management options your brand needs, you should start your Youtube adventure without wasting time.

In order to get clear information about Youtube channel account management prices, service limits need to be determined. Because the development of a standard YouTube channel requires the completion of many professional stages. Many processes such as preparing images, writing texts in accordance with the brand, performing SEO studies, creating videos, adding videos to the platform at the right time must be carried out without errors.

In order to achieve success on the platform, the algorithms of the YouTube platform must be correctly perceived and acted upon. If you want to reach your goals on YouTube, you should make plans that reveal your development processes in detail. For this, you can add value to your management processes by getting professional support. Creaviser applies current developments to your channel’s development process with its professional YouTube consultants.

Who Should Buy YouTube Account Management Service?

Anyone who has goals in the digital world should get YouTube account management services. With the developing information technology, the influence of social media platforms has now spread beyond the digital world. For this reason, all organizations for commercial or social purposes need Youtube account management services.

At the very beginning of the process, it is necessary to open a Youtube account and prepare the action plan necessary for the development of the account. The development process of the account should be followed closely and the attempts that are observed to be erroneous should be terminated. With YouTube account management services, it is possible for the YouTube account to gain value permanently.

If you say “I have goals on digital platforms”, you should know that social media is a whole. For this, it is almost a necessity to get support from other platforms for the development of any social media account. You can ensure your success in a short time by providing the simultaneous management of social media accounts.

Can I Get More Information About YouTube Account Management?

Youtube account management services attract attention as a platform where companies promote their products and services. But YouTube means more to companies than that. It is also possible to perform many actions on YouTube, such as expanding the customer base, increasing the loyalty of existing customers to the company, providing the right guidance for product/service sales, and increasing the company’s visibility.

Social organizations can also achieve purposes such as gaining recognition or increasing their popularity through their Youtube accounts. Organizing donation campaigns, executing social initiatives, reaching larger masses of corporate identity, and ensuring the participation of more people in social goals are among the things that can be achieved with Youtube.

Individual accounts as well as corporate accounts provide numerous benefits on YouTube. As a result of correct optimization studies, posts with high interaction power are shared through the account. In this way, while the popularity of the channel is increased within a certain period of time, it is also possible to earn advertising revenues.

YouTube ad revenues can be substantial for a channel that produces successful regular content. Therefore, if you have a goal of earning income on YouTube, you should get professional support in this regard. Because you need up-to-date information about Youtube algorithms during the development process of the channel. You need to manage your channel in line with current developments. In this way, it will not be a dream to increase the number of subscribers of your channel and produce posts with high interaction.

For more information about YouTube account management, you can contact Creaviser’s professionals.

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