Google Ads (with the name of Google Adwords) provides your services with the best ad management; Would you like to announce to your target audience with the optimum budget?

Creaviser is controllable, efficient and resultable, it is introduced to your target audience with advertisements. We’re creative and optimizing your Google Ads strategy for return on ad spend (ROAS) to improve your profitability. We use your budget in the most effective way to attract and grow your qualified website. We successfully maintain our Google Ads advertising agency services, which provides digital marketing solutions.

Hope to get the highest Ms (CR) which are small customers with higher ratios (TO) and less appealing to the eye (TB).

Google Ads Management Advantages

Would you like to be at the top of the search results with Google, one of the most preferred search engines in the world? Then all you need to do for a correct Google Adwords advertisement work is to work with Creaviser. Our advertising experts, who will bring your brand to the fore, will meet your expectations in the most ideal way!

Among the advantages of Google Ads ad management:

  • Increasing product/service sales,
  • To make the brand more visible,
  • To increase the recognition of the brand to the highest level,
  • Contributing directly to the profits of the brand,
  • It is to realize brand development in a short time.
Google Ads Management Advantages

Google Ads Management Features

We create completely different and personalized campaigns within the scope of Google Ads Ad Management.

  • Animation Designs
  • Impressive Texts
  • Banner Designs
  • Keyword Planning
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Analytics Link
  • Video Designs
  • N. A. K. Optimization

Google Ads Strategy

It is possible to do the advertising work correctly with correctly structured alternatives. In this context, you can apply for a Google Ads Management service with the following features with Creaviser.

Audience Analysis

If you want to receive ad management service within the scope of Google Ads, you must first perform a target audience analysis with Creaviser. Because the right advertisement alone is not enough to reach the right audience. By doing audience analysis, you should determine who is the active audience for your ads. Afterwards, you can reach the goal by making the right advertising work over the determined audience.

Live Reporting

All you need to do is live reporting in order to achieve the most ideal results regarding advertising work. The Creaviser team, which carries out meticulous studies on reporting, responds to your expectations about reporting. Thanks to live reporting, it is ensured that the budget is used correctly by working on the progress of the advertisement.

Keyword Analysis

One of the most important elements of Google Ads Ad Management studies is keywords. Creaviser’s experienced advertising team shows a very serious sensitivity in this regard, due to the fact that advertising works should be carried out on the basis of keywords. We determine the most up-to-date keyword phrases with analyzes that allow you to reach your target audience directly.

Competitor Analysis

Are you preparing your Google ads without analyzing your competitors? You should not forget that the path you follow in this regard should be quite flawless. You should feel the advantage of starting out by examining your competitors, especially those who have achieved success in advertising. Because knowing what your competitors are doing will lead you to a faster result.

Product Targeting

Focusing on the right target while advertising is valuable in making your brand stand out. Because advertising cannot be carried out on just one word. While you are doing an advertisement work, you should determine the product correctly and adopt the most accurate method at the point of reaching the consumer. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to achieve quality.

Visual Preferences

The main thing that will make the products stand out in Google ads is the images. Because while visuals attract the attention of the consumer, they ensure that you never compromise on quality. This is the key to making a more successful advertisement work for you. With Creaviser, use the visual quality to the best level and choose for success in visuals!

Affordable Budget

You can carry out advertising works not only with a keyword focus, but also with a budget focus. As Creaviser, we do meticulous work in determining your budget. We work with the best in the industry to ensure you get the lowest budget and highest impact. All you have to do is take action for Google Adwords Advertising.

Advertising Management

You didn’t think your ads would self-manage, did you? Because the most important aspect of advertising work is control and analysis. In this context, we undertake a meticulous process while managing your advertisements. We take action for the more successful conclusion of almost every detail you need during the management!

Feedback Analysis

Do you want to examine how successful the returns to your ads are? With Creaviser, you can perform a success-oriented study as a result of feedback analysis. Because our team puts forward a result by integrating your demands with customer expectations.
Google Ads Advertising Process

Google Ads Advertising Process

Services offered to our customers for the best Google Ads experience include:

  1. Interview: The first meeting with the customer is made and goals (for example, increasing sales, increasing website traffic) are determined.
  2. Research: Keyword research is done and ad groups are created.
  3. Ad position: It is determined on which search queries or websites the ads will be shown.
  4. Text and visual design: Advertising texts and images are created.
  5. Configuration: How much budget to use in the campaign and other settings are configured and initialized.
  6. Performance: Performance is monitored and optimized to measure the impact of ads.
  7. Analysis: The campaign is terminated and the results are reported.

Google Ads Services

You can review the services we provide with high visitor traffic with Google Ads advertising activities below.

Google search ads, which are among the Google Ads ads, are used extensively. Thanks to the search network ads, the ads of the service buyer are seen in the searches made by the target audience for the keywords determined by the service buyers.

With this type of ads, you can ensure that your Google Ads ads reach the target audience in all searches for a certain keyword. Search ads are served on many Google-related platforms.

For example;

  • Google Play Store,
  • Google Maps,
  • Other Google-related platforms,
  • The platforms of business partners in the search network are the areas where this type of advertisements take place.

There are different types of Google ads on the search network. Google search ads are among the most preferred ads compared to other types of ads. Thanks to this type of advertisements, it is possible to increase site traffic and increase product/service sales.

Google shopping ads refer to product/service ads supported by images. Price, content and store information about a product or service are presented to customers in this type of advertisement. It is very important to create successful shopping strategies through Google Ads in order to earn high income with Google ads. Because, according to the new regulations regarding Google shopping ads, it has become more difficult to rank higher in shopping ads than before.

For this reason, it is necessary to apply the right strategies to move Google ads to the top. Service buyers are advised to seek professional support for such advertising arrangements made through the Google Merchant Center. Because the number of companies that give shopping ads through Google Ads is quite high.

You can contact Creaviser to be successful with Google AdWords ads where there is intense competition.

Wouldn’t you like the advertisements of the products or services you sell by your company to take place in mobile applications? Recently, the interest of the target audience for Google application ads is quite high. The reason for this is the increase in the number of mobile applications and the fact that users spend more time with applications.

In this type of advertisements, it is possible to add images and videos to the advertisement. Moreover, for the application ads used through Google Ads, it is possible to choose a plan that fits your budget.

Your advertisements in any application related to the product being sold attract the attention of the target audience. While this increases the sales of products and services, it also increases the recognition of the company. Service buyers can take advantage of Google’s advantages by optimizing their application ads.

With the Google display network, your product/service ads reach the right audience effectively. Display ads are ads that appear while browsing any website, watching a YouTube video, or browsing Gmail accounts. These types of advertisements appear in front of potential customers while using mobile applications.

The presentation of Google Ads ads in a display form makes the ads more attractive.

It’s easy to create display ads from any platform by Google Ads. Although the designs of these advertisements are easy, it should be said that they should be produced with the right strategy. Because in very competitive markets, it is not possible to be successful with an ordinary display ad.

With the Google display network, it is possible to reach new customers or make existing customers shop.

Google video ads allow advertising on YouTube. The increasing number of users of the YouTube platform increases the value of video ads for Google ads as well.

Video ads help you create eye-catching ads through Google Ads.

YouTube Google Ads ads are offered to buyers of four different types of services. These ads;

  • On the YouTube homepage,
  • In YouTube videos,
  • On the YouTube search results page,
  • It is published in the YouTube related videos section.

While it is important to advertise through Google Ads, it is more important to implement investment strategies correctly. Because you need to increase the success of the ads by adjusting the Google Ads investment plans according to the structure of the service buyer. In this process, you can stand out from the competition with Google video ads by getting support from professional advertising experts of Creaviser.

With the year 2020, some changes have been made by Google in AdWords ads. As a result of these changes, the concept of Google discovery ads has emerged. Discovery ads used through Google Ads are included in the news feed according to the interests of social media users.

Discover ads next to media items that are of interest to users are an area that attracts users.

Thanks to your ads in the Google Discover area, it is possible to direct users to your website and sell products / services. Discover ads on Google Ads are similar to standard visual ads. It is seen that this type of advertisement provides more efficient results, especially over mobile applications.

Things to Know About Google Ads

We have answered the frequently asked questions about Google Ads ad management for you.

What is Google AdWords?

Google Ads, or Google AdWords, is an internet advertising system that ensures that the products or services offered by your business are displayed in the first place in searches made on Google.

Google Ads ads are very important for anyone with high earnings, increasing brand value or similar goals. If you have an individual/corporate structure that offers products or services, you can increase your sales with Ads. Products or services offered through advertisements quickly take their place at the top of Google searches.
The advertising system offered by Google is also very low cost for businesses that receive Google Ads service. Because ads published through Google only work with a cost-per-click system.

If you are selling a product or service on the internet, it is possible to be on the first page of the Google search engine with Ads Ads. You also have the opportunity to define your target audience by creating specific criteria through Ads. If you want to increase your market share in the digital world, you can achieve this in a short time with Google Ads professional advertising management.

What Are Google Ads Ad Examples?

Ads ads offered by Google help you achieve many goals. Ads given through Google Ads can be prepared in different types. For example, Google search ads are an ad format based on displaying ads for products and services related to keywords typed into Google.

A comprehensive Ads study should be done to associate your products and services with the relevant keywords. Search ads are also offered to customers on many Google-related platforms. Among the examples of Google Ads ads, display ads are also very effective. Your customers, who are associated with your products or services, can see your ads while surfing the internet, watching any YouTube video or browsing their e-mail accounts.

In this way, your product or service ads are presented to the target audience with Google ads without interruption. However, Google video ads are also among the most preferred ads. You can view Google Ads examples on our Google Ads Ads Management page.

What Are the Benefits of Google Ads Advertising?

Google Ads ads are the most widely used advertising system that provides numerous advantages to companies. Since it only creates a cost-per-click item, it allows companies to adjust their advertising expenditures at an optimal level. However, it is also possible to ensure brand development with Google Ads ads.

Thanks to Google ads, the products and services produced by the brand are constantly offered to the target audience. This increases the awareness of the brand.

Benefits that companies can achieve with Google Ads:

  • To ensure the development of the brand,
  • Increasing product/service sales,
  • Reaching the target audience directly,
  • To increase the competitive power in the sector, gaining new customers,
  • Increasing search engine performance,
  • It can be listed as increasing the profit of the company.

How Much Are Google Adwords Advertising Prices?

Google Ads ads can be prepared with different ad types and ad campaigns. Depending on the project implemented by the company, different budget requirements may occur. However, in its most basic form, a cost is determined by the frequency of searches for a keyword and its competitiveness.

The frequency of searches for products and services in the industry and the level of competition in the digital world reveal your Google AdWords costs. Advertisers in the system are in constant competition with each other in terms of advertising. It is also possible to compare this situation to an advertising exchange. In Google ad management, it becomes important how close the targets are with a limited budget. Therefore, you can reach your commercial goals in a short time by doing a successful Google Ads management.

Who Should Buy Google Ads Service?

Anyone who wants to increase their power on digital platforms should get the Google Ads service. In addition, companies in the commercial sector are recommended to use the Ads service to increase their market share.

Today, there are many goals that almost every segment, from large-scale companies to small-scale businesses, can reach with Google Ads ads.

Commercial organizations that want to sell products or services, as well as those who want to take their SEO work to the next level, should benefit from Google Ads ads. Because according to research, 40% of clicks in Google rankings are for the first three ads.

Can I Get More Information About Google AdWords Advertising?

In order to be successful with Google ads, it is necessary to create the right advertising strategies. Because we have to say that we are at the peak of competition on digital platforms as well. In order to be at the forefront of competition in the digital world with Google Ads, you need cooperation with professional advertising experts.

To get the best results from Ads ads, you should meet Creaviser’s expert advertising team. Offering optimal advertising solutions for your company or personal venture, Creaviser prepares the roadmap for you to reach many goals in a short time with Google Ads Advertising Management.

You can contact Creaviser to present the best Google Ads ads that will surpass your competitors.

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