When it comes to the digital world, it is not surprising that Google comes to mind. Google the world’s most important search engine, is the most important platform in the internet world with its 1.5 billion active users. According to researches, 3.5 billion words are searched on Google every day.

Google account management services mean the optimal management of products offered by Google. Professionalizing a standard account, managing Google applications at a high level and creating subscriptions for purposes are all possible with successful Google account management. Creaviser provides a management service that provides Google account development by accurately analyzing the constantly updated Google algorithms.

In order not to fall behind in the developing world of Google, you should contact Creaviser’s Google experts.

Google Account Management Advantages

Managing Google accounts more efficiently puts you one step ahead of your competitors.

Thanks to successful Google account management:

  • To make the account more attractive,
  • Using the tools offered by Google effectively,
  • Managing devices used for Google accounts,
  • To rank higher in Google search engine,
  • To provide Google ad management.
Google Account Management Advantages

Google Account Management Content Features

We enable you to benefit from the power of social media with Google Profile Management, which we offer as part of social media consultancy.

  • Banner Works
  • Survey and Question Sharing
  • Sweepstakes / Contest Management
  • Campaign Studies
  • Discover Studies
  • Product Transactions
  • Video / Slide Design
  • Map Positioning

Google Account Management General Features

With Google profile management, we ensure that your services and products reach large audiences within the scope of social media consultancy service.

AdWords Management

With Google AdWords management, you can create advertising strategies for your goals. AdWords provides users with the frequency of searches for which words. Keywords that are associated with the brand and have a frequency of searches should be considered when creating ads for the brand.
AdWords management service is needed to identify the right keywords and to prepare advertisements in line with the budget of the brand. Brands with limited budgets have to make the most optimal moves in advertising management. With AdWords management, the keywords that the brand is associated with are determined and taken into account in advertising strategies. In this way, it is possible for the brand to receive high interaction with very limited advertising expenditures.

Adsense Management

Having a variety of revenue sources for a brand is extremely important in providing the resources it needs for its goals. Google Adsense management provides advertising earnings with the brand’s website. Thanks to Adsense management, the site traffic of the brand’s website is increased.
A website with increasing traffic has a greater potential to generate advertising revenue. Google Adsense management consists of a number of strategies that improve the income sources of the brand. When the right Adsense techniques are applied, not only the ad revenue of the website will increase, but also the organic traffic will increase steadily.

Using Google Trends

While some keywords are searched more intensely by users in certain periods, they may become words that users do not care about in some periods. Detecting popular keywords is one of the studies necessary to increase the traffic of the website. In fact, for the success of social media accounts today, the frequency of searching for keywords should be known correctly.
Thanks to Google Trends, it can be understood which words are popular and which words gain importance and when. As a result of keyword detection; With the use of the right keywords at the right time, the digital success of the brand can be increased. Google Trends management is one of the most used tools in the development process of the brand.

Google Search Console Management

Correctly identifying the shortcomings of all websites is necessary to improve the website’s search engine performance. The Google Search Console tool is preferred for maximum configuration of the website. The complete determination of all data related to the website helps to determine the right strategy. Google Search Console, which reveals whether each website has a healthy structure, allows professional management of the website.

Google Alerts

Wouldn’t you like to be informed about the developments concerning your brand? The way to do this is through the correct use of the Google Alerts tool. The use of a keyword related to your brand in the digital world is taken into account in brand management. As soon as the content consisting of the keywords you need takes place in the digital world, you will be notified with Google Alerts. For this, it is necessary to correctly identify the keywords associated with your brand and pay attention to these words in content management.

Google Pagespeed Insights

There are many factors that affect the search engine performance of websites. One of these factors is the loading speed of the website. The faster your website loads, the more important it is to Google. The loading speed of the website is also determined by the Google Pagespeed Insights tool.
The Pagespeed Insights tool, which detects the speed of the website, also reveals what needs to be done to increase the speed of the site. Google Pagespeed Insights should be used effectively to optimize a brand’s website.

Google Analytics

Another important tool that should be used by those who want to achieve high performance with Google tools is Google Analytics. Google Analytics records a lot of data about the website. These data show all the statistics of the website that closely affect its traffic.
With the management of Google Analytics, it becomes possible to decide which strategies to implement for the development of a website. Google Analytics should be used professionally to maximize brand development by increasing the traffic of a website.

Google Docs

It is important for all companies, large and small, to carry out business processes on online platforms and to perform business presentations digitally. With Google Docs, you can witness how you can collaborate on a document. It is possible to create up-to-date documents and send them to the digital world via Google Docs.
Google Docs management should be given importance in order to become an impressive brand on digital platforms. Documents created through Office software are shared seamlessly with Google Docs users. Installing and managing the sharing network without errors is essential to get the maximum benefit with Google Docs.

Google Business

The Google Business tool should be used to promote your business extensively. Google Business management is needed to promote the location of the business to the Google account. In this process, it is necessary to create a business profile and implement moves that will highlight the business.
Along with the contact information of the business; The internal and external visuals of the business should also be included in the business account. Google Business management helps businesses become more recognizable both in the digital and real world. The development processes of brands that do not use Google Business are limited.

Google Gmail

Your expectations from a standard e-mail account may be limited. However, Google Gmail offers more than just an ordinary mail account. It is possible to manage advertisements for a brand via Gmail. With advertising management, brands become more recognizable and visible.
Gmail allows both personal and corporate use. Since it offers a large storage area, mails with large volumes can be created. Google Gmail provides extremely secure messaging thanks to its POP3 and IMAP4 protocols.

Google Trusted Stores Management

Who can doubt a brand that Google says is safe? Google Trusted Stores management is very important especially for trademarks. The Trusted Stores tool aims to provide a quality experience for users who want to shop online. In order to be among Google’s trusted stores, it is necessary to accept Google’s terms.
In addition, in this process, the trustworthiness of a brand should be transferred to Google. Google account management services include Google Trusted Stores. Google considers itself responsible for any problem originating from trusted stores.

Google Market Finder

In the development of trademarks, all attempts should be made to reach the right markets. Google Market Finder management provides useful results in order to reach the markets that brands need in the global world. With Google Market Finder, markets suitable for a brand’s field of activity are reached within seconds. The Market Finder tool is among the important tools in the development process of a brand. Brands with business goals should focus on the Google Market Finder tool as part of their Google account management services.
Google Account Management Process

Google Account Management Process

Services offered to our customers for the best Google account management experience include:

  1. Interview: Our customer’s business profile and current status are examined.
  2. Analysis: Keyword research is done and the target audience is determined.
  3. Profile Configuration: Create or update a Google My Business profile
  4. Information Entry: Adds business information, images, and other content.
  5. Broadcasting: Interactive and interactive content is created and managed.
  6. Ad Management: Google ads are created, special ads are published to reach the target audience.
  7. Report: Engagement and number of subscribers are tracked, results are reported.
  8. Update: Necessary improvement studies are carried out with the information obtained.

Google Account Management Services

You can choose the most suitable one for your budget among the Google packages included in the social media consultancy.

If you are new to digital platforms, you can quickly enter the world of Google by creating a professional account. You can create a professionally qualified account with monthly Google account management services.

In addition, by getting to know other platforms offered by Google, you can use the ones that will work for you in a professional way without wasting time. By following the developments in your Google account periodically, you can observe the elements necessary for you to reach your goal. Thanks to Google monthly account management, Google accounts can be developed in a short time.

Medium-term programs, which are among the Google account management services, appeal to those who seek permanent success. With the 3-month Google account management, it is ensured that your Google account develops quickly and that this development becomes permanent. On the platforms offered by Google, a professional account management is offered by determining the ones suitable for your brand.

Google account development is analyzed monthly in account management, which is offered on a quarterly basis. The elements that are useful for the development of the account are determined and the development map that should be followed is drawn at the end of the 3-month period. Brands seeking success in the world of Google approach their goals with 3-month account management.

Another service offered for those who want to make their success permanent in the Google world is the 6-month Google account management service. The phases of the account are tracked in detail on a monthly basis. By determining the elements that are suitable for the structure of the brand, these elements are more intensely involved in the development process of the account.

In addition, the components that are not suitable for the organic structure of the brand are determined by studies carried out for certain periods. Google 6-month account management services ensure that Google accounts get serious engagement.

The most comprehensive service among Google account management services is the 12-month management plan. The service, which starts with the creation of an account from scratch, continues until the account reaches the targeted level.

In addition, the factors that ensure the continuous success of the Google account are determined by monthly analyzes. The studies required for search engine performance are carried out meticulously within the scope of 12-month Google account management services. However, the applications on Google are adjusted to the extent that they fit the brand’s structure. All work required for the development of the brand is provided within the scope of 12-month Google account management.

Things to Know About Google Account Management

We have answered the most frequently asked questions about Google Account Management for you.

What is Google Account Management?

Google is a special platform that includes many services. Google account management consists of services that provide the management of many services through a single account. Thanks to successful account management services, it is possible to become more visible on digital platforms. As it is known, Google makes it easier for social media accounts and websites to get interaction through its search engine.

For this, it is necessary to create Google accounts without errors and to act in accordance with Google algorithms. All services offered by Google have their own unique features. It is extremely important to carry out detailed studies for applications according to these features. Any account for Google must be up-to-date and managed in accordance with Google algorithms.

What Are Google Account Management Examples?

With Google account management, you get much more than gmail account opening services. If you have a commercial business, the advertising platforms offered by Google are professionally managed on your behalf. With Google Business, your visibility in search engines and customers increases rapidly.

In addition, by working in an integrated manner with social media accounts, it is ensured that your social media accounts receive much more interaction. Google account management examples are presented in accordance with the industry in which they operate. First of all, the goals to be achieved are set out in concrete terms. Then, what kind of program should be implemented to achieve the goals is determined.

You can contact Creaviser for the best Google account management examples.

What Are the Benefits of Google Account Management?

Google helps everyone who has goals in the digital world with different platforms it offers. Thanks to Google account management services:

  • To become more visible on digital platforms,
  • Increasing the interaction power of social media accounts,
  • To reach commercial targets in a short time,
  • Increasing brand recognition,
  • Presenting attractive advertisements with affordable budgets,
  • It is possible to rank higher in search engines.

Google account management benefits offer numerous advantages to those who aim for the top on digital platforms. It is possible to show the best performance on the platforms offered by Google by making moves in accordance with Google’s algorithms. For this, it is necessary to get support from Google experts.

Creaviser offers a professional Google account management service with the most successful Google experts.

How Much Are Google Account Management Prices?

Google, one of the most advanced technologies in the world, has countless services in many areas. Among these services, it is sufficient to obtain the services that are suitable for the brand targets. Service limits for Google profile management are also determined in line with brand goals.

Google account management prices are determined according to the limits of the service received and the scope of the project. The services, which start with the creation of Google accounts from scratch, continue until the professional management of all platforms offered by Google.

You can also contact Creaviser to determine the Google services you need. Thus, you can provide professional management of your Google accounts with reasonable budgets. Creaviser ensures you make a difference in the digital world for the best Google account management prices in the industry.

Who Should Buy Google Account Management Service?

Whether you have goals on digital platforms or in the real world, if you can no longer use Google professionally, your chances of success are very low. With Google account management services, you can reach all your brand-related goals in a short time. For this, you need to make regular moves in accordance with Google algorithms.

Since Google constantly updates many of the services it offers, it is necessary to act in accordance with Google innovations. Creaviser ensures that Google accounts are visible on digital platforms by following current developments by Google experts.

It determines the necessary strategies on a brand basis and reveals what is suitable for the brand structure. To reach the top in digital platforms, you should contact Creaviser without wasting time.

Can I Get More Information About Google Account Management?

Google account management services are among the services that have a vital importance in the development of brands. With the acceptance of the undisputed dominance of Google in the digital world, users should make moves in accordance with Google algorithms. With this; Considering Google’s current changes for Google account management, innovations should be fully implemented in the brand’s digital accounts.

Playing an important role in the interaction of social media accounts, Google requires professional account management services today. Google profile management services allow your brand to visibly improve compared to competitors. In a short time, the interaction power of your brand increases and you can reach all your goals.

You can contact Creaviser to learn more about professional Google account management services.

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