As Creaviser, we record all your projects related to the voice-over service with the latest technologies.

We perform the descriptions of your texts to be broadcast on TV, radio, cinema or digital media by professional voice actors. We prepare all your scenarios for brand, product and service with an impressive tone of voice and good diction. Accompanied by professional voice-over artists, we provide energetic voice-overs, commercial voice-overs, promotional film voice-overs, documentary voice-over services and dubbing services in many more categories.

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Voice Over Advantages

With a successful voice-over service, you can easily attract the attention of your target audience. According to researches, words have a 10% and 30% effect on the transfer of a message to the other party. This means that you can quickly develop your brand with the voiceover texts created with the right words.

The advantages of voice-over for a brand can be explained as follows:

  • Presenting the text in a way that will affect it,
  • Reaching the targeted results with the text in a short time,
  • Increasing the brand image to the highest level,
  • Successful product/service promotions,
  • An impressive announcement of brand-related developments,
  • Increasing the competitiveness of the brand.
Voice Over Advantages

Voice Over Content Features

Take a closer look at the features we offer within the Voice Over and Dubbing services.

  • Corporate Company Introduction
  • Advertising voice-over
  • Social Media Voice Over
  • Audiobook Voice Over
  • TV Voice Over
  • Radio Presentation Voice Over
  • Central Announcement Voice Over
  • Education Voice Over

Voice Over General Features

We increase the impact power of your services and products on your target audience with professional voice over service.


During speech, changes occur between the pitches of the voice. These changes cause the sound to occur in different tones from each other. The variation of sounds in the range of different pitches creates intonation. Intonation studies help to make the speech or the text read more effective.
The importance of intonation in the messages given for the purpose of brand development is quite high. During intonation, it is necessary to give the emotion in a correct vocal range. The voice attempts made without following the intonation rules do not go beyond being monotonous.


In a world where digital platforms are universal, multilingual support is extremely important. Thanks to its multi-language feature, it is possible to convey the message of the brand to wider audiences. While performing voice-over studies in more than one language, the natural pronunciation of the language should be given importance. The effect of vocalizations made contrary to a natural speaking style is limited.
Multi-language support should be done with a natural speaking style and should include all the requirements in voice-over works. According to the need, natural voice over can be made in many languages that are used extensively around the world.


It is unthinkable that a voice-over work does not have the necessary emotion. Because in order to convey any message to the other party in a more impressive way, it is necessary to use the power of emotions. While providing voice-over services, many emotions are used alone or together.
While giving life to a text with sound, the volume should be adjusted correctly as well as emphasis and intonation. Most importantly, the voice actor must convey the text he reads during the voice-over work to his audience.


How effective can it be to read a moving text with a lifeless tone of voice? During the voice-over services, an energy suitable for the text to be read is required. The use of energetic sound for a moving text further increases the impact of the text.
Voice actors should focus on breathing correctly and conveying the necessary enthusiasm while reading a text energetically. The voice actor should also have the ability to understand which word should be read more energetically according to the flow of the text. One of the most important elements that saves a text from monotony is the “right energy”.


In order to use a language in the best way, it is necessary to have a successful diction. A quality voice-over service is only possible with a successful diction. Voice actors should read the texts to be voiced using proper and correct diction.
There are many features that a successful voice actor should have, especially diction. Because the correct expression of the message given to the other party for brand development ensures that the message is understood correctly by the target audience.


It is seen that brands are able to convey their messages to the other party more effectively with voice-over services. However, the effect of the text is lost when emphasis is not given importance during the vocalization works. Making the right emphasis where necessary ensures that the message reaches the targeted audience successfully. Emphasis on the right method is important in capturing the attention of the audience. On the other hand, texts without any emphasis are considered extremely boring for the audience and are far from creating the intended effect.


There are many advantages provided by correct synchronization in voice-over works. The simultaneous vocalization of the words in the text increases the power of the message. In cases where successful synchronization cannot be achieved, the spoken text disturbs the listeners. For this reason, if it is a quality voice-over work, it should be emphasized that the words are read one after the other at synchronized intervals. Likewise, attention should be paid to the synchronization between the voices in order to avoid a monotonous vocalization.

Interaction Strength

The interaction that each message creates in the listener is not the same. Highly interactive texts are a part of voice-over services. It is also important to be able to give messages with high interaction power with the right voice, as well as using the voice correctly. The texts to be voiced should be designed for the targeted purposes and should be able to impress the listeners instantly.
There are many elements that need to be considered in order to make a text effective. A creative perspective is required to create highly interactive texts. In addition, it should not be ignored that the choice of voice directly affects the interaction power in voice-over studies.

Text Preparation

The success of the voice-over works is directly proportional to the suitability of the text read. Before starting the voice-over services, a text preparation should be made in accordance with the objectives. The texts representing the brand should not contradict the visible face of the brand. During the preparation of the text, the expressions identified with the brand should be emphasized. After a quality text is designed, voice-over works are started.
Voice Over Process

Voice Over Process

The services offered to our customers for the best voiceover experience are:

  1. Project definition: The needs of our customer, the text to be used for the voiceover and the target audience are determined.
  2. Voice-over writing: Our expert writers prepare the texts for voice-over, editorial control is done.
  3. Voice-over: In line with our customer’s preference, female or male voice-overs are completed.
  4. Mixing & Mastering: Recorded texts are edited through audio editing programs and a quality sound is obtained.
  5. Delivery: Voice over service is delivered.

Voice Over Services Hizmetleri

You can choose the most suitable service for your project among Female Voice Over Artists or Male Voice Over Artists.

Voiceover artists are artists who increase the impact power of a text on the audience. Each text has its own unique vocalization rules. We should emphasize that human structure is important in the selection of female voice actors.

According to a study conducted at Stanford University, the first voice heard in the womb is the mother’s voice, revealing that people have more positive feelings towards a female voice. For this reason, texts emphasizing the concept of “credibility” should be read by female voice actors. Studies show that men like the female voice more and pay more attention to it. In fact, the fact that many brands prefer female voices for their voice assistants is based on the results of such studies.

Male voice actors provide voice-over services to increase the effects of the texts on the target audience. There are also psychological factors that determine the effect of voice over services. For example, a study of women in the United Kingdom found that women had difficulty communicating with assistants with a female voice. In such cases, using the male voice is considered a more effective strategy in achieving goals.

According to the results of another study, it was revealed that in some cases, messages based on the male voice were perceived as “giving orders” to women. This shows that the voice gender to be preferred for voice over services should be determined correctly. Successful male voice actors can read the texts necessary for brand development with an impressive tone of voice. This ensures the rapid development of the brand and brings customer satisfaction.

Things to Know About Voice Over

We have answered frequently asked questions about voice over for you.

What is Voice Over?

The most important element that increases the power of words is vocalization. In order to make any text more impressive, voiceover should be used with the right techniques. The services provided by the professional methods used by the voice actors have a very important place in the development of the brand.

Voice-over works are carried out in order to convey an important message for the brand to the other party in accordance with the targets. A successful voiceover service is revealed by the correct pronunciation of a word, observing the emphasis and intonation rules, and using the voice effectively during the voice-over studies.

Voiceover texts should always be prepared in accordance with the structure of the brand. In other words, an important factor affecting the success of the voiceover is the suitability of the text to be voiced. Expressions that do not fit the brand’s structure will not contribute to the development of the brand, no matter how effectively they are voiced.

What are Voiceover Examples?

Voice-over works are carried out in accordance with the structure of each brand and the target audience. If we are talking about a successful dubbing or dubbing work, we are talking about a complete transfer of feelings and thoughts to the other party.

The correct use of the voice is necessary for the full transfer of emotions. Adjusting the tones where necessary, applying the accents on the spot without skipping, and choosing a sound color suitable for the message are considered necessary for successful vocalization examples. For example, a voice-over text that should be read excitedly should not be read monotonously. Incorrect voice-overs made in this way cause brands to lose value. Voiceover samples should be prepared for the message planned to be given to the other party.

There are differences between text that is read stagnantly and text that is read with a lively voice. We witness that the texts that should be read in accordance with the text vocalization rules are exposed to illegal vocalizations. Incorrectly made voiceover examples are sometimes better not done at all. Creaviser offers high-level voiceover services with the best voice actors.

What are the Benefits of Voice Over?

The strength of a text is determined by performing the vocalization in accordance with the correct rules. Correctly performed voiceover has many benefits.

As a result of a successful voiceover work:

  • Effectively presenting the text that the brand wants to give to the other party,
  • To reach the goals of the brand in a short time,
  • To increase the recognition of the brand quickly,
  • To contribute to the visibility of the brand,
  • To expand the target audience that the message will reach,
  • It becomes possible to increase the market share of the company.

Voiceover texts provide much more than the effect of a visual text. For this reason, Creaviser, which provides the best voice over service in the industry, offers all its customers the quality necessary for brand development. With the benefits of voice over, you can reach your target location in a short time.

How Much Are the Voice Over Prices?

Voice-over fees vary according to the nature of the project and work. The details of the voice-over service you want to receive are very important in order to provide a quality job. Details are the factors that brands that always aim for the best should consider before starting work.

Creaviser guarantees brand development in exchange for the most affordable voiceover prices. Don’t you want the words that express your brand to be presented with the best voiceover price? Why would you pay more for a service than it should be? At this point, Creaviser is at your side with the most affordable service price.

How much budget do you need for the professional voice-over service you need? You can contact Creaviser for detailed information about voice over prices. Creaviser helps you reach your goals without straining your budget with the most attractive voiceover prices in the industry.

Who Should Buy the Voice Over Service?

Everyone who aims brand development should get a voice-over service. Because you can achieve much more than the effect of text-based messages, but with a successful voice-over service. Whether it is a commercial or a social organization, it should increase its brand power by taking advantage of the power of voice communication in order to reach its target audience.

Today, there is no goal that many organizations cannot reach by getting a quality voice over service. It is the best choice not to be deprived of voice-over services in a world where the power of classical text-based messages is almost “non-existent”.

Successful voice-over texts are the only tools that determine the power of personal or corporate brands in the sector. You have never been closer to your goals thanks to Creaviser’s professional voice actors, who prepare a voice-over text suitable for the brand target and apply the right voice-over methods.

Can I Get More Information About the Voice Over Service?

Before starting the voice-over work, it is extremely important to determine what kind of voice-over service you need. Since the development processes of brands consist of complex stages, it is not always easy to determine the quality of the service needed.

Creaviser provides the necessary voice-over services by accurately determining the brand development stages. Working with the best in the industry at this stage, Creaviser reveals the requirements needed for brands to reach their goals. You can find out what kind of voice-over service you need only by getting professional support. Creaviser adds value to your brand with voice-over solutions suitable for your brand goals.

You can get detailed information from Creaviser to get the best quality voice-over service and reach the top in the sector.

About Voice Over