Hosting, which is a website hosting server, closely affects website performance. Therefore, attention should be paid to choosing a suitable hosting for the website.

Hosting selection is an important factor that closely affects the security and speed of the website. For a successful and high-performance website, choosing the right hosting should be done. Hosting is one of the technologies that reflect the basic features of a website. If the website needs support for any reason, it is possible to provide the necessary support through a well-equipped hosting.

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Hosting Advantages

If you are not using a hosting that suits your needs, it is not possible to increase the performance of your website. Choosing a purpose-built hosting for websites is vital.

In general, the advantages of hosting are as follows:

  • The performance of your website reaches the highest level,
  • Backup of your website is done without any problems,
  • The performance of your website in search engine results increases,
  • The speed of your website reaches the highest level,
  • Your website’s security vulnerabilities are eliminated.
Hosting Advantages

Hosting Content Features

Within the scope of each hosting service, we offer packages with different features and dynamics.

  • Current PHP Versions
  • PHP Version Change
  • FTP Access
  • File Manager
  • DNS Zone Management
  • .htaccess Support
  • PHP Ioncube Loader (v10)
  • Domain Change
  • Hosting Reset
  • Custom Error Pages
  • MySQL Remote Access
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • Backup
  • SSD Storage
  • Ticket 24/7
  • SMTP Support
  • POP3 / IMAP Support
  • Email Forwarding
  • Webmail Support
  • Mail Antivirus

Hosting Software Features

You can choose the one you want for the most affordable hosting options that stand out with their performance.

Optimum Web Space

A sufficient web hosting area is needed for the field of activity of the website. Optimum web space is an important element that ensures that the website continues to broadcast smoothly and with high performance. The web hosting area where the website is located directly affects the performance of the site.
Since the web space capacity required by each website is different, optimum web space should be used according to the current situation and potential of any site. An unneeded web space is nothing but an unnecessary cost item for the service buyer. For websites that require heavy disk usage, an insufficient hosting space limits the success of the brand in the digital world.

Traffic Options

Instant traffic shows the number of visitors instantly on the website. For domain providers with a limited traffic limit, there is a limit to the number of users that can be found on a website in a given time period. Once this limit is reached, one of the existing visitors must leave the site before a new user can log in to the website. Instant traffic limited websites are necessary for the performance of other websites served by the hosting company.
Another preferred type of hosting to balance the connection load distribution is web hosting domain services with a monthly traffic limit. Each website is entitled to a certain data flow quota. When the data flow quota is full, the website is automatically stopped. Worldwide, hosting services with monthly traffic limits are preferred.

Unlimited CPU Usage

CPU usage limit is among the important factors that affect the performance of a website. Hosting providers set a certain limit for a website’s CPU usage when they don’t offer unlimited CPU usage. When the CPU limit is exceeded by the website, some restrictions may be applied to the website.
Unlimited CPU usage means no limits are applied for a website. This ensures that no restrictions are applied to the design of the website or visitor movements.

Unlimited Email Accounts

In the process of creating a corporate identity, the importance of e-mails with a corporate domain name is quite high. Unlimited e-mail accounts help to create different accounts with the same domain name that a brand can produce institutionally. Corporate mail accounts, which increase the permanence and popularity of the brand, are an important element of the brand development process.
Thanks to the unlimited e-mail service, you do not have to pay a fee for a certain number of corporate e-mail accounts.

MySQL Support

You need a MySQL database to query or manage the database. MySQL, where data is stored and organized, is open source. In other words, it is possible to make changes via MySQL according to the need. When there is a problem with the website, the current problem can be solved in a short time thanks to MySQL Support.
However, the right moves to solve the problem over MySQL can be made with sufficient software knowledge. MySQL support offered with hosting services allows a website to broadcast uninterruptedly and without any problems.

Cpanel Control Panel

For those who do not know the software language, if the website encounters any problem, it is a real cause of panic. However, it is possible to manage a website without knowing the software language. With the CPanel Control Panel, which is offered under Linux hosting service, many operations are performed on the website without knowledge of the code.
Making transactions through a visual interface is both more practical and facilitates website management. Cpanel helps all users in website management with its advanced interface.

ConfigServer Exploit Scanner (CXS)

The presence of malware on the server harms the performance of the website. By scanning periodically, software that reduces the performance of the website should be detected. Config Server Exploit Scanner (CXS), as a result of extensive scans, protects the website at a rate of 99%.
By acting as a shield on the website, it prevents the website from being damaged. Malware also negatively affects the search engine performance of the website. Infected links coming via mail are cleaned through Config Server Exploit Scanner.

LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed web server, which is much faster and higher performance than a standard web server, is used extensively around the world. Extremely ideal for Linux servers, LiteSpeed is also compatible with many control panels. Thanks to the high level of security it provides, it is useful for websites with high security needs.
With LiteSpeed Web Server, high or low visitor traffic is managed effectively. Since it also offers HTTP/2 support, the loading speed of the website is at a high level.


It is extremely important that the website continues its publication life without any problems. Firewalls also ensure that the website can broadcast without interruption. Depending on the operating system and the field of activity of the website, the required firewall features may vary.
When a firewall is used according to the needs of the website, a website is protected against all attacks that may come from outside. Data sent and received over the website is limited by firewalls.

Easy Setup

The fast and trouble-free installation of the website is done with automatic installers. With the best hosting services, the installation of the website is offered in a professional way. It is important that the information is entered correctly during installation. Hosting easy installation service allows a website to start broadcasting life without wasting time.
During the installation, arrangements are made for the activity area of the website. The installation work required by the website closely affects the site performance.

High Performance Configuration

In order for the website to broadcast with the highest level of performance, the web hosting area must have a high capacity. High performance configuration is carried out for the factors that directly affect the hosting. The factors that closely affect the hosting performance are developed with the studies carried out in this context.
Again, in this process, the parameters that prevent the website from providing high performance are also improved. Harmful parameters that cannot be improved are eliminated. The factors affecting the performance of the website should be determined at regular intervals.

Wide Application Content

Features that make hosting services more functional also affect the performance of a website. Wide application content means that there are many elements that increase the performance of the website. The elements necessary to maintain the hosting area in a healthy way enable the website to be faster and more successful.
Applications that increase hosting quality also closely affect the search engine success of the website. The most important factor that increases the quality of hosting services is the variety of other services offered with hosting.
Hosting Installation Process

Hosting Installation Process

We follow these steps to provide the best hosting experience:

  1. Customer request: Our customer’s hosting service request is received by phone, e-mail or similar means.
  2. Product selection: The appropriate hosting package is selected according to the needs of our customers.
  3. Account creation: A user account is created for the selected hosting package.
  4. Domain registration or transfer: Domain registration or transfer operations are carried out at the request of our customer.
  5. Site upload: The uploading of the website to the server is completed.
  6. Testing: It is tested whether the website is working correctly on the server.
  7. Delivery to the customer: The website is published on the server with the approval of our customer.
  8. Support and maintenance: Support requests related to our customer’s hosting account are answered.

Hosting Service Models

Güncel teknolojilerle donatılmış olan hosting paketlerini ihtiyaçlarınız doğrultusunda seçebilirsiniz.

Linux hosting, which is frequently used around the world, offers its users a unique experience with many advantages. It is ideal for website hosting needs as it is cost effective and offers practical solutions. Since it is an open source system, it is also preferred by developers. Offering PHP support increases the use of Linux web hosting for WordPress-based websites.

Linux is also a useful system for countering cyber attacks with its high security level infrastructure. As a hosting server, the uptime rate, that is, the uptime of the server, is high. This way, your website has more time to be up and running.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a Linux hosting. Because in the choice of hosting; An erroneous choice made contrary to the way the website is used will adversely affect the performance of the website.

Windows hosting is a web hosting area located on servers with the Windows operating system. Overall, it provides a successful user experience for ASP-based websites. Considering the cost, Linux hosting costs a little more than its price.

Windows web hosting is a structure that provides convenience to those who want to add additional features to a website. With this; Windows hosting ensures that websites run smoothly and their performance is always at a high level with its continuous updates.

With Windows hosting;

  • WordPress,
  • OpenCart,
  • Joomla,
  • Drupal.

Some problems can be experienced in content management systems such as. Windows hosting can cause permission problems with these software.

Directadmin Linux hosting is recommended for those looking for a hosting with lower system requirements and a practical user experience. You can have a high speed website with directadmin. The fact that it has a graphical interface and allows easy operation increases the importance of Directadmin Linux web hosting service.

Directadmin also meets the expectations of its users in terms of security. In the event of a site crash, which is among the biggest problems for websites, it automatically recovers the data on the site.

Thanks to its existing structure, it allows the use of many Linux-based websites at the same time. Although it is a very functional web hosting server, it has a simple interface. It presents the results of the site concretely with the statistical data menu it offers to the users.

Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

You can read the section below for frequently asked questions about hosting.

What is Hosting?

It is very important that a website is ready to be accessed at any time, in any situation. For this, all items on a website must be hosted in one domain. The hosting service provides the space that allows the website to be hosted. In other words, we can express the concept of hosting as “hosting space”.

It is not possible to publish a website without hosting space. We can compare the area where the website is hosted to any computer. All data on the site is kept on this featured computer. With this; Hosting, called web server, has more technology than an ordinary computer.

Moreover, it is ready for use at any time and provides uninterrupted data from wherever there is internet. When Internet users connect to the web server, they access all the elements on the website. In conclusion; There is a need for a quality hosting for a website.

What Are Hosting Examples?

Hosting service, which can be called ‘must have’ for any website, is offered as different service types. With this; In order for the website to be published smoothly, the right hosting examples should be selected.

You can publish your website either by using a shared server or by using a dedicated web hosting service. You can also choose cloud-based server or hosting services based on different operating systems.

For a website with WordPress infrastructure, you have to use WordPress hosting. Considering that the WordPress infrastructure is used extensively around the world, it can be understood how often the WordPress hosting system is used.

Apart from WordPress infrastructure, if you need corporate hosting service, you should get a customized web hosting service in accordance with your corporate structure. In this way, all the features you need will be offered to you with hosting. Apart from that, there are many hosting examples with different features.

What Are the Benefits of Hosting?

A quality hosting service is required for a website to provide an error-free user experience. For this reason, attention should be paid to the correct selection of the hosting infrastructure, which closely affects the performance of the website. Hosting benefits can generally be considered as positive effects on the performance of the website.

With a web hosting service that has the features your website needs, it is possible for your website to open faster and to provide a high level of user experience for your website. Hosting service ensures that a website is protected securely and is active without interruption.

With hosting, you have an area where your website can be hosted. The more this field is technically sufficient, the more it contributes to the high performance of your website.

How Much Are Hosting Prices?

Hosting service varies according to the service limits you want to receive. Because a standard web hosting service can be offered in line with more than one option. The cost of the web hosting service is calculated by determining the services that the service buyer needs. Some hosting examples are more affordable than others, while others are relatively more expensive hosting services.

For example, a website that uses a dedicated server rather than a shared web hosting service will have higher monthly costs. In order to get accurate information about hosting prices, it is necessary to determine the web hosting service your company needs. Therefore, you can contact Creaviser to get more information on the subject.

Who Should Get Hosting Service?

Anyone who exists in the digital world with a website should get hosting service. Hosting service is mandatory for the publication of any website. For this reason, all corporate or personal enterprises that need website design service need hosting service.

Today, every enterprise, from commercial websites to personal websites, receives hosting services. However, since the scope of the service needed is different, the preferred hosting type and service limits change. In order to determine what kind of hosting service a website needs, the current situation and expectations need to be analyzed.

Can I Get More Information About Hosting?

Hosting services are among the services considered for those who care about the performance of the website. If the high performance of your website does not interest you that much, you can end the process by choosing the cheapest hosting service. However, you should not forget that the higher the performance of a website, the higher the search engine performance of that website.

Therefore, if you have digital goals, your website should have high performance. If you are wondering which hosting service is required for your website, you can contact Creaviser.

Hosting Frequently Asked Questions