In today’s world, accessing information is now much easier than before. In this era where the internet is at the center of our lives, the speed of access to information and the variety of content have reached incredible levels. So, where is the place of quality and original content in this flood of information? This is exactly where “Ready Article Sales” comes into play. Many people and institutions are looking for ways to quickly access original and quality content. This search increases both the development and importance of the ready article market day by day.

But wait, what comes to your mind when we say ready-made article sales? Are you, like many people, wondering what exactly this term means, what kind of process it goes through, and the intricacies of this business? If you are looking for answers to these questions, you are in the right place. In this article we will cover every aspect of selling ready-made articles from A to Z, in full detail. You ask why? Because information is power and accessing accurate information is essential to survive in this rapidly changing world.

Selling ready-made articles is of great interest not only to copywriters and content producers, but also to SEO experts, digital marketers and even entrepreneurs. Therefore, in our article, we will discuss not only what ready-made articles are and how they are produced, but also what impact these contents create in the digital world and their role in marketing and SEO strategies. Whether you are a content creator or an entrepreneur, the information in this article will be valuable to you.

Before embarking on this journey, let’s think about it: Millions of contents are produced on the Internet every day. But how many of these contents are truly original, high-quality and effective? What is the place of ready-made article sales in this huge sea? To find the answers to these questions, let’s dive into the world of ready-made article sales together. If you’re ready, let’s start!

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What is a Ready Article?

Ready-made article refers to pre-prepared texts on a specific subject, usually written for a specific audience or need. In the internet age, these articles are often available in digital formats and are used to provide content for websites, blogs, e-commerce sites and other online platforms. Ready-made articles can address different areas of expertise and a variety of topics. These contents are usually prepared in accordance with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guidelines, which allows them to rank higher in search engines.

The main purpose of selling ready-made articles is to accelerate the content production process and make quality content available quickly. This is an ideal solution especially for individuals and organizations who cannot produce their own content due to lack of time or resources. Ready-made articles are often offered by article banks, content marketplaces or freelance writers.

History of Ready Articles

The origins of selling printed articles date back to the early days of print media. Newspapers and magazines used freelance writers to provide content on a variety of topics. This practice has evolved over time with the rise of digital media. With the spread of the Internet, the need for content has increased greatly, leading to the growth of the ready-made article market.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, as SEO began to grow in importance, so did stock articles. Websites needed keyword-focused content to increase their rankings in search engines. During this period, ready-made article services that offer quality and original content began to become more popular.

Today, article sales play a central role in digital marketing and content strategies. Technological advances and constant change of algorithms are constantly shaping and improving the ready-made article market. This enables ready-made articles to become an integral part of content production.

advantages of ready articles

Advantages of Ready Articles

  1. Time Saving: One of the biggest advantages of ready-made articles is undoubtedly time saving. Especially in the digital age, where content production must be continuous and fast, ready-made articles are one of the most effective ways to quickly meet content needs. Content production consists of many stages such as research, writing and editing. This process can be quite time-consuming, especially for detailed and comprehensive content. Ready-made articles shorten this process greatly. Individuals or organizations in need of content can quickly purchase and use quality and original articles that suit their needs from platforms that sell ready-made articles. This provides great convenience, especially for people and institutions who have limited time or manage more than one project.
  2. Diversity and Areas of Expertise: Ready-made articles offer a wide range of topics and areas of expertise. This allows content creators and users to easily access content that suits their specific needs. Articles prepared in different niches and on various topics can meet all kinds of needs. Diversity is a huge advantage, especially in situations that require specialized content on niche topics. For example, when an article is needed that requires in-depth knowledge on a particular technical topic, a ready-made article written by a writer specialized in this field increases both the quality and the accuracy and reliability factor.

Additionally, access to content in different languages is another advantage offered by ready-made articles. For organizations that need multilingual content, ready-made articles written in different languages are a great resource. This is especially important for companies operating in the global market. In short, ready-made articles effectively meet the needs of content producers and users by offering content diversity and a wide range of areas of expertise.

Disadvantages and Criticisms of Ready Articles

Authenticity Issues

In addition to the conveniences offered by ready-made articles, there are also some criticisms regarding such content. Chief among these are originality problems. Since ready-made articles are generally designed to be sold to more than one customer, there is a possibility that the same content can be used repeatedly on different websites. This may reduce the originality and therefore the value of the content. In particular, search engines highly prioritize unique and original content, while duplicate or duplicate content is likely to perform poorly in rankings. For this reason, people or organizations that purchase ready-made articles should make sure that the content they purchase has not been used elsewhere. Moreover, in order to support the ethical values and creativity of original content production, it is important to consciously determine the limits of the use of ready-made articles.

Quality control

Another point of criticism is quality control. Ready-made articles are often written by multiple authors to varying quality standards. Of course, this brings with it the risk that the purchased article will not meet the expected quality level. The generally low cost of producing ready-made articles can sometimes mean that authors do not spend enough time on research and quality. This can lead to problems such as articles being superficial, misinformative or containing language and spelling errors. For a quality and effective content strategy, it is important to carefully review the purchased ready-made articles, correct them when necessary and bring them into line with the tone and quality standards of the brand or platform.

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Benefits of Ready-made Articles for Buyers

Content Diversity

From a buyers’ perspective, one of the biggest benefits of ready-made articles is content diversity. The wide range of content available on online platforms and ready-made article marketplaces offers buyers the opportunity to find content on almost any topic and in any type. This is a huge advantage, especially for buyers who have difficulty finding content on niche or specialized topics. Buyers can easily find and quickly purchase articles written on the specific topics they need.

Likewise, the different perspectives and writing styles of various authors provide buyers with access to content that addresses the same topic from different perspectives. This is especially important for brands and organizations that value diversity and creativity. Ready-made articles not only provide buyers with content, but also offer the opportunity to enrich their content strategies and inform their audiences from a broader perspective.

Cost Effectiveness

Ready-made articles also provide great benefits to buyers in terms of cost effectiveness. Especially for small businesses or organizations with limited budgets, ready-made articles offer the opportunity to obtain high-quality content at an affordable cost. Producing your own content from scratch can be quite costly in both time and money. Ready-made articles simplify this process and reduce costs.

Purchasing ready-made articles also reduces other costs in the content production process. For example, buyers can save time and resources in the editorial review and editing process. Moreover, since ready-made articles are generally SEO compatible, it does not require extra effort and cost to increase the performance of these contents in search engines. This is a great advantage, especially for businesses that focus on digital marketing and SEO.

Pricing Strategies in Ready Article Sales

  • Pricing per Word: One of the most common pricing methods in selling ready-made articles is pricing per word. This method sets a price based on the length of the article, and a certain fee schedule is usually applied for each word. Pricing per word offers a fair and transparent pricing model for both writers and buyers. Buyers can estimate the length and therefore cost of articles in advance, making it easier for them to plan a budget.

This pricing model is especially suitable for standard content types. However, it should be noted that word count may not always reflect the quality or value of the content. In some cases, a short but information-dense article can be more valuable than a longer, less informative article. Thus, it is important to consider the nature and purpose of the content when charging per word.

  • Pricing According to Topic and Complexity: Another pricing strategy in selling ready-made articles is pricing according to topic and complexity. This model includes different pricing depending on the complexity of the article’s topic, research need and writing difficulty. For example, an article that covers a technical topic or requires extensive research may sell for a higher price than a simple article written on a general topic.

Pricing by topic and complexity ensures authors are more fairly compensated for their expertise and effort. Additionally, it helps buyers more clearly understand the cost of the specific type of content they need. This pricing model is especially ideal for specialized or niche topics, allowing writers to earn a more equitable income based on their area of expertise.

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Ready Article Sales and Its Legal Aspect


One of the most important legal issues regarding ready-made articles is copyright. Copyright grants the creator of a work certain rights in matters such as reproduction, distribution and exhibition of this work. It is important that, in the case of ready-made articles, these rights may vary depending on the agreement between the author and the recipient. Usually when an article is purchased, copyrights are transferred to the buyer, but this may not always be the case. In some cases, the author may reserve certain rights to the article (for example, the right to resell).

Therefore, when purchasing ready-made articles, it is very important to clearly understand the scope and conditions of copyright. Buyers must not infringe the copyrights of the content they purchase and must protect the rights of the author. Likewise, it is important for authors to determine how their works will be used and what rights they will reserve. Copyright violations can lead to both legal problems and reputational damage.

Usage Rights

Usage rights, unlike copyrights, determine how the work will be used. Usage rights for ready-made articles are generally determined by the agreement made at the time of purchase. For example, you can purchase the right to use an article an unlimited number of times or obtain the right to use it under certain conditions. These rights may include where and how the article may be used, whether the article may be modified, and whether it may be resold.

Understanding usage rights is very important, especially in today’s world where digital content is widespread and can be easily copied. Buyers must act in accordance with the usage rights of the content they purchase. Otherwise, they may face copyright violations and legal problems. Authors and content providers must also protect their rights by clearly stating how their works will be used.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Ready Articles

Trusted Sources

The first thing to consider when purchasing a ready-made article is the reliability of the source from which you will perform the transaction. A reliable source ensures the quality of the article, its originality, and clear information about copyrights. Trusted platforms often include writers’ profiles, previous work, and customer feedback. This information helps buyers evaluate the author’s credibility and the quality of the content.

Buying from a trusted source also helps buyers avoid copyright infringements and other legal issues. Buyers should carefully review the platform’s terms of use and privacy policies before purchasing. Moreover, if possible, they should also look at previous customer reviews and the reputation of the platform.

Quality and Originality Control

Another important factor when purchasing ready-made articles is the quality and originality of the content. Buyers should carefully examine the article’s language quality, depth of knowledge on the subject, and writing style. A quality article should be well researched, appropriate to the target audience, and free of grammatical errors.

Originality is also of great importance, especially in terms of SEO. Buyers can use a variety of tools to ensure the content they purchase is authentic. Tools like Plagiarism checker help check whether the article has been published on the internet before. Non-original content not only leads to copyright infringement, but may also be evaluated negatively by search engines. Therefore, originality checking is a must-do step when purchasing a ready-made article.

Ethical Rules That Authors Should Follow While Writing Ready Articles

Originality Principle

One of the ethical rules that writers should pay most attention to when writing ready-made articles is the principle of originality. Original content should include the author’s unique ideas, research and expressions. Content that is copied or taken verbatim from another source is both ethically problematic and may lead to copyright infringement. Therefore, authors must maintain originality in every article they write.

Originality doesn’t just mean not copying content; It also includes presenting content in a creative and unique way. Authors should address issues from different angles and offer new perspectives to readers. This approach demonstrates the author’s own knowledge and creativity and increases the value of the content.

Use of Bibliography

Another important rule in ethical article writing is the use of accurate and ethical bibliography. Authors should use reliable sources to support their research and cite these sources appropriately. Information, ideas or data cited should be clearly cited with their source. This both increases the author’s credibility and ensures the accuracy and reliability of the information presented to readers.

Using bibliography additionally helps prevent copyright infringement. Authors should not use another author’s work without permission and should make any quotations by indicating their source. This helps authors meet both their ethical and legal responsibilities and protects the integrity of the content.

ready article seo rules

The Effect of Ready Articles on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Keyword Usage

When ready-made articles are evaluated especially in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), keyword usage is of great importance. Keywords are terms that search engines use when indexing and ranking content. An effective keyword strategy makes the article easier to find by search engines and accessible to the target audience.

On the other hand, a point that should be taken into consideration when using keywords is that the keywords should be integrated into the content naturally and fluently. Excessive and artificial keyword stuffing (keyword stuffing) both negatively affects the reader experience and may be penalized by search engines. Therefore, keywords need to be compatible with the topic and content of the article and be included in the content naturally.

Content Optimization

The impact of ready-made articles on SEO is not limited to just keyword use. Content optimization also plays a big role in this process. Content optimization includes adjustments made so that the article can be better understood by search engines and rank higher in the rankings. This includes effective use of title tags, meta descriptions, subheadings and internal links.

At the same time, technical SEO elements such as mobile compatibility of the content, loading speed and user experience are also important. Search engines favor sites that improve user experience and make content accessible on all devices. Therefore, optimizing ready-made articles to support these technical features provides a great advantage in terms of SEO.

Ready Articles and Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

The role of ready-made articles in digital marketing strategies is especially important in the context of content marketing. Content marketing is a method used to tell the brand’s story, connect with the target audience, and provide valuable information to potential customers. Ready-made articles can be an effective tool to support this strategy. Well-written, informative and engaging articles can increase a brand’s authority and credibility. Additionally, SEO-friendly ready-made articles help achieve higher rankings in organic search results, resulting in more website traffic and potential customers.

When using ready-made articles in a content marketing strategy, it is important that the content suits the voice of the brand and the target audience. Articles should reflect the brand’s values and encourage readers to engage with the brand while informing them. In this context, ready-made articles can be considered an effective part of the content marketing strategy.

Social Media Interaction

Ready-made articles also play an important role in increasing social media interaction. Social media platforms are ideal areas for sharing content and interacting with the target audience. Quality and engaging articles can be used to attract and engage social media users to the brand’s website.

Articles shared on social media should attract the attention of followers, inform them and encourage them to talk about the brand. This contributes to increasing the number of likes, comments and shares, thus increasing the social media visibility and interaction of the brand. In addition, sharing on social media allows the brand to communicate directly with its target audience and receive feedback, which is a valuable resource for developing more effective marketing strategies.

Ready Article Sales and Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer Happiness

Customer satisfaction in ready-made article sales is vital for the sustainability and success of the business. Customer satisfaction refers to the level of satisfaction buyers feel with the product or service they purchase. When selling ready-made articles, the quality of this article depends on many factors such as the originality of the content, delivery time and customer service quality.

To ensure high customer satisfaction, sellers need to understand buyers’ needs and expectations and act accordingly. It involves communicating effectively with customers, taking their feedback into account, and continually improving service quality. Apart from this, providing flexibility to customers, solving problems quickly and effectively, and making them feel valued are also important ways to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Establishing Long-Term Relationships

Establishing long-term customer relationships in ready-made article sales is critical to generating repeat business and ongoing income. Long-term relationships increase customer loyalty and trust in the brand. Such relationships require ongoing and meaningful communication with customers, adapting to their changing needs, and consistently providing high-quality service.

To build long-term relationships, it is important for sellers to communicate with customers regularly, offer them special offers and develop programs that encourage customer loyalty. On the other hand, providing personalized service according to customers’ preferences and needs also strengthens these relationships. Understanding customers’ preferences and past shopping habits and acting accordingly forms the basis of long-term customer relationships.

ready article sales customer relations

Selling Ready Articles in the Future: Trends and Forecasts

  • Technological developments

The constant evolution of technology will greatly impact the future of ready-made article sales. The rise of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning can lead to significant changes in content production and distribution processes. For example, AI-based tools can speed up the content creation process and enable personalized content production. This can help make content production more efficient and cost-effective.

Of course, blockchain technology may have potential applications in copyright management and content verification. Blockchain can be used to verify the authenticity and ownership of content, ensuring a safer trading environment by protecting the rights of both authors and buyers. Technological advances can also transform content distribution and accessibility, allowing ready-made articles to reach a wider audience.

  • Changes in Market Dynamics

Changes in market dynamics in ready-made article sales will shape future trends and forecasts. Constant changes in digital media and marketing can impact content demands and consumer expectations. For example, the increasing popularity of video content may change the nature and use of written content.

Likewise, globalization and the increasing demand for multilingual content may expand the market for ready-made articles. This could increase the demand for writers who produce content in different languages and cultures. Additionally, sustainability and ethical issues may have greater impact on content production and sales. Consumers and businesses can choose content providers that adopt sustainable and ethical practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of purchasing a ready-made article?

The advantages of purchasing ready-made articles include time savings, easy access to content diversity, and cost-effectiveness. On the other hand, obtaining fast content and accessing content suitable for SEO are also important advantages.

Are ready-made articles original?

The originality of ready-made articles depends on the source purchased. Articles purchased from reliable sources are usually original, although it is important to always check authenticity.

Do ready-made articles cause copyright issues?

Copyright issues depend on the reliability of the source and the terms of purchase. Authors often transfer copyrights when selling articles, but this may not be the case in all cases.

How are ready article prices determined?

Prices for ready-made articles are generally determined by the number of words, complexity of the topic and level of expertise of the content. Prices may also vary depending on market demand and the experience of the writer.

How to optimize ready-made articles for SEO?

Ready articles for SEO are optimized by keyword integration, title and subheading optimization, and arranging the content structure to suit search engines.

Do ready-made articles have a return policy?

Return policy depends on the seller and platform. Some platforms offer returns or exchanges under certain conditions, while others may not enforce such policies.

What is the role of ready-made articles in digital marketing?

Ready-made articles play an important role in content marketing and digital marketing to increase brand awareness, improve SEO rankings, and encourage social media engagement.

What types are ready-made articles divided into?

Ready-made articles are divided into various types, such as blog posts, technical articles, product promotions, educational content and news articles.

What criteria should be taken into consideration when purchasing a ready-made article?

Quality, originality, copyright status, the subject of the content and the experience of the author are the main criteria to consider when purchasing a ready-made article.

What are the risks of writing ready-made articles for writers?

Risks of writing canned articles include low payment rates, copyright infringements, and limitations on creativity.

How to guarantee originality in ready-made articles?

Originality can be guaranteed by using article checking tools and verifying the author’s credibility.

How to manage customer relations in ready-made article sales?

Customer relationships are managed effectively by providing regular communication, sensitivity to customer feedback and personalized service.

How to market ready-made articles?

Ready-made articles can be marketed through online marketing, social media, email campaigns and content marketplaces.

How is quality control done in ready-made articles?

Quality control is done through editorial review, grammar and spelling checking, and assessing the suitability of content.

What steps should be taken to prevent rights violations in ready-made articles?

In order to prevent rights violations, clear agreements should be made regarding copyright and usage rights and necessary measures should be taken to protect the rights of authors.

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