Creaviser Digital Performance Agency, we have created a team that specializes in creating unique designs and impressive brand identities. We work collaboratively with our clients, approaching each project with its own unique features and demands, with exceptional solutions. This process was also reflected in the logo design we made for Orya Jewellery, a project that we have completed recently and that we are proud of.

Logo Design

Orya Jewelery is known for its timeless jewelery designs that perfectly blend beauty and functionality. We emphasized these unique features in our logo designs. We succeeded in creating a logo that reflects the unique spirit of our customers and their prestige in the industry.

In this project, we designed a logo that combines the elegance of minimalist lines and the privilege of luxury details. At the same time, we created a symbol emphasizing Orya Jewelry’s modern and innovative vision. This logo was designed in accordance with the brand identity of the company and its position in the industry. With our logo design, we aim to increase the online visibility and recognizability of Orya Jewellery.

This logo design is an example of Creaviser Digital Performance Agency’s creative approach and craftsmanship. We look forward to working with you to maximize your brand’s potential.

Orya Jewelery Logo Design Features

  1. Simple
  2. Original
  3. Proportional
  4. Understandable
  5. Catchy Lines
  6. Color Matching
  7. Industry Appropriate
  8. Adaptive Size

Orya Jewelery Logo Images

Discover the logo work that we prepared with a contemporary design approach as well as eye-catching!

About Company

  • Company Name: Orya Jewellery
  • Industry: Precious Metals
  • About Us: Orya Jewellery presents Gold Jewelry Models such as Gold Necklace, Gold Earrings, Gold Rings, Gold Jewelry Sets, Gold Bracelets, Gold Bracelets and Diamond Jewelry Models, which stand out with their quality as well as Orya design, with their customers. Orya Jewellery, whose basic building blocks were formed in Istanbul more than 25 years ago, continues to serve today with a working culture focused on customer satisfaction.
Logo Tasarım Orya Kuyumculuk
logo desing orya

Content Properties

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