Creaviser Digital Performance Agency constantly works to provide the best service to its clients. For this purpose, experienced graphic design experts from Creaviser created a great logo design for Ali Baba Group with an innovative and simple design language.

Logo Design

As Creaviser, we designed an impressive logo that reflects the unique values and vision of Ali Baba Group. This logo, created with the harmonic use of red, white and gray colors, highlights the energetic, professional and innovative nature of the company. While the red color represents the passionate and dynamic approach of Ali Baba Group, the gray color symbolizes balance and determination. Beyaz, on the other hand, emphasizes the company’s open and transparent business approach.

The logo, designed with modern and simple lines, emphasizes that Ali Baba Group is a leader operating on a global scale and gives confidence to customers. Creaviser is proud to contribute to further strengthening the brand identity of Ali Baba Group and strengthening its position in the sector with this unique logo design.

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Ali Baba Group Logo Features

The success of a business is closely related to a strong brand identity. As one of the cornerstones of brand identity, the logo should reflect the values, vision and services of your business. Some of the features offered by our expert graphic designers who design with this awareness within the scope of the project:

  1. Simple
  2. Original
  3. Proportional
  4. Understandable
  5. Catchy Lines
  6. Color Matching
  7. Industry Appropriate
  8. Adaptive Size

Ali Baba Group Logo Images

A successful logo design has visual features that strengthen the brand identity of your business and leave a lasting impression in the minds of your target audience. Here are the logo design images we designed for Ali Baba Group.

Ali Baba Group Hakkında

  • Company Name: Ali Baba Group
  • Sector: Technology
  • About: Ali Baba Group is a leading company serving in the field of technology and exporting to many countries around the world. Since its establishment, it has aimed to provide the best service to its customers by following the latest innovations and technological developments in the sector. Our company continues to grow by keeping up with the ever-changing world of technology and maintaining its leading position in the industry.
logo tasarım ali baba group 7
logo tasarımı ali baba group

Content Properties

By presenting your logo design in high resolution file formats, we ensure the best appearance in different media and platforms. This way, your logo will be clear and expressive at any scale.

We also offer you the ready-to-print file formats of the logos we have designed. In this way, you can easily use your logo on materials such as brochures, business cards, posters and get a professional look.

The importance of social media today is undeniable. As Creaviser, we prepare images such as logo compatible profile and cover photos that you can use in your social media accounts. Thus, you can increase your brand’s influence on social media.

We also provide 2D dimensional logo images for your business for various uses. In this way, you can easily use the 2D version of your logo on your products, website or other platforms.

We are preparing an impressive logo intro video that you can use in the promotional and advertising videos of your business. With this professional video, you can further strengthen the image of your brand and attract the attention of your customers.

Creaviser provides a comprehensive corporate identity design demo for your business, helping you build your brand identity holistically. As part of this service, we offer corporate identity elements including business cards, envelopes, letterheads and more.