Instagram management has been a very useful service for Dus Kurgulari Publishing House. As Creaviser we provided Instagram management service for Dus Kurgulari Publishing House, an original and qualified publishing house that conveys the magical world of literature to readers. We are very happy to see this project as a unique collaboration and result. Dus Kurgulari Publishing House makes its readers feel that a book is not just about words, it is an experience, a journey, and we have done our best to create an Instagram management strategy that can reflect this special experience. Dus Kurgulari Publishing House‘s Instagram account is carefully managed in order to fully reflect the spirit, vision and quality experience of this unique publishing house.

Instagram Management

Dus Kurgulari Publishing House Instagram account is organized with a user-friendly and understandable management approach. While this approach highlights the works and services offered by Dus Kurgulari Publishing in detail, it is also planned so that our followers can communicate and interact as easily as possible. A content strategy is also implemented, providing information and suggestions for our followers who want to explore the world of literature.

In the visual design of our Instagram account, organic tones and motifs reflecting the original and literary atmosphere of the publishing house were preferred. Our visual selections highlight the publisher’s unique appeal, while our overall social media management strategy ensures our followers can easily access the information they need about the publisher.

Working with Dus Kurgulari Publishing House has been a unique experience for us. During the project, we aimed to understand the vision and expectations of our customers and to meet these expectations in the best way. This Instagram management project highlights that Creaviser is not just a digital services company, but a business partner that can add value to its customers’ goals and vision.

Instagram Management Features

Publisher’s Instagram account is enriched with visual content such as book covers, author photos and quotes. Each image reflects the literary atmosphere of the publishing house.

Dus Kurgulari Publishing House’s Instagram account has a regular and predictable publication schedule. It allows followers to wait for new content and engage with the brand regularly.

Special promotional posts are made for newly published books and bestsellers. We ensure that readers are informed about the latest and most popular works from the publisher.

Posts that provide information about the authors and excerpts containing their thoughts on their works are published. We enable followers to establish a deeper connection with authors.

Interactive content like Instagram Stories, polls, and live streams encourage followers to engage with the brand.

Announcements are made for special events and campaigns such as new book launches, author interviews or special discounts.

Quotations are made from different books. We highlight the content of the books and encourage readers to read the books.

Book reviews and recommendations from readers are shared. We create a dialogue within the community and encourage other readers to read relevant books as well.

Information about the book club meetings and reading groups organized by Rüya Kurguları Publishing House is shared.

Information about news and trends from the literary world is published. It allows followers to keep up to date with the latest developments in the literary world.

Instagram Management Images

We combined the fascinating details of the literary world with eye-catching visuals on the publisher’s Instagram account.

About Company

  • Company Name: Dus Kurgulari Publishing House
  • Sector: Media
  • About: As Dus Kurgulari Publishing, our main goal is to contribute to bring Turkish literature to the superior level it deserves. Despite the increase in the number of authors in our country in recent years, the rate of reading books has not increased at the same level. The most important reason for this is that, unfortunately, many books that have no literary value are published by publishing houses that do not seek qualifications.
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Instagram Consulting Contents

Newly released books and their summaries are regularly shared on the publisher’s Instagram account. This type of content informs and engages followers about the latest releases.

Interviews with the authors of the publishing house and excerpts from these interviews are shared. We provide an opportunity to better understand authors and their work.

Impressive and thought-provoking quotes from the publisher’s books are shared. The content and theme of the books are highlighted.

Information about the events and launches organized by the publishing house is published. We encourage followers to attend events and engage more with the publisher.

Recommendations for books on various genres and topics are shared. Readers are given the opportunity to discover new books.

Feedback from readers and book reviews are published. It initiates a dialogue between the community and helps other readers choose their books.

Information about special discounts, campaigns and promotions is given. Followers are encouraged to buy books.

Visual artworks such as book covers and author photos are shared. The aesthetic identity of the publisher is emphasized and a visual story is told.

Content is created about the latest news and trends from the literary world. It is ensured that the readers are informed about the current developments in the world of literature.