Experienced web design experts of Creaviser have prepared a functional e-commerce site for Reading Book, combining technological innovations and creative elements. This platform has been carefully designed to make the experience of buying and reading books in the digital environment even simpler and more impressive for the readers of Reading Book. With this project, Creaviser increased the online visibility and influence of Reading Book with its user-friendly interface and attractive design.

E-commerce Site Design

The customized e-commerce website design for Reading Book was prepared by Creaviser Digital Performance Agency, compatible with all mobile devices and computers. With its user-friendly web design, full compatibility with Google and other search engines has been achieved. All the services offered by Kitap Okutan are designed to be offered to potential readers effectively.

This project is an impressive demonstration of Creaviser‘s skills and experience in e-commerce site design. With its ultra-sensitive structure, retina resolution support, animated page transitions, social media icons and clean coding, KitapOkutan.com aims to provide the best experience to its users. Creaviser aims to provide an efficient and result-oriented service to its readers through its website kitapokutan.com With features such as contact forms, image sliders, parallax effects and special color options, Kitapokutan.com meets all kinds of expectations of its users.

Creaviser constantly pays attention to technological trends and user experience while developing this and similar website design projects. We always try to do our best to provide the best service to our customers. If you want to work with a result-oriented and professional team in e-commerce website design, Creaviser is the right address for you. For communication, you can easily reach us through the channel you want. Click Now!

Kitap Okutan E-Commerce Website Features

  1. Modern and Creative Design
  2. Ultra Responsive Structure
  3. Retinal Resolution
  4. Social Icons
  5. Custom Color Options
  6. Image Slider
  7. Parallax Effect
  8. Animated Page Transitions
  9. Clean Coding
  10. Ajax Contact Form

Reading Book E-Commerce Site Images

Check out the corporate website that we have prepared with an elegant as well as a modern design approach!

About Company

  • Company Name: Book Reading
  • Sector: Book Publishing House
  • About: As Dream Fiction Publishing, our main goal is to contribute to bring Turkish literature to the superior level it deserves. Despite the increase in the number of authors in our country in recent years, the rate of reading books has not increased at the same level. The most important reason for this is that, unfortunately, many books that have no literary value are published by publishing houses that do not seek qualifications.
Book Reader ECommerce Design 1
E Commerce Site Design Book Reader 1

Used Technologies

  1. Valid
  2. HTML5
  3. CSS3
  4. Bootstrap 4
  5. Anime.js
  6. Swiper
  7. Filterizr
  8. Unitegallery
  9. Validate