As Creaviser Digital Performance Agency, we not only create an effective presence in the digital world, but also transform the way companies operate by optimizing their business processes. The intranet software project we have implemented for Sistemlak recently is a living example of this vision. Sistemlak is a leading company in the real estate sector. In line with their needs, we have developed a special intranet software in order to speed up business processes and increase productivity by gathering all corporate functions together. This software has made the company’s communication, information flow and project management faster and more effective.

Intranet Software

As Creaviser, we are proud to include the intranet software Sistemlak project among our references. This project is a demonstration of our ability to optimize business processes with technology. It is also a successful example of how we can help our business partners achieve their goals. This successful collaboration with Sistemlak has once again proven Creaviser’s ability to not only leave a mark in the digital world, but also to maximize the productivity of companies by digitizing their business processes.

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Intranet Software Features

Document Management The software allows employees to upload, edit and share documents. This facilitates knowledge sharing and increases collaboration.

It makes it easier to distribute tasks among employees. Projects, tasks and processes can be tracked so everyone knows which projects they are working on and in what state.

The software makes it easy to keep track of meetings, reminders and important dates. Calendar integration helps employees organize their agenda.

It encourages communication between employees. Forums and chat rooms allow easy sharing of ideas and information.

Surveys and feedback allow employees to easily share their thoughts and ideas. This helps the company better understand its internal dynamics and employee satisfaction.

Intranet Software Images

Check out the intranet software that we have prepared with a simple and modern design approach that contributes positively to the user experience!

About Company

  • Company Name: Sistemlak
  • Sector: Real Estate
  • About: Sistemlak is a leading company in the real estate sector. Systemlak, which has succeeded in making a difference in the sector with its dynamic and innovative approaches, facilitates real estate buying and selling processes with its effective and fast solutions.
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Intranet Software Contents

It contains the training materials needed for new employees to join their network quickly. This feature speeds up the recruitment and orientation processes.

Company news and announcements are easily accessible to all employees. This ensures everyone is up to date and informed.

It can monitor how close employees are to their goals and in which areas they need improvement.

It eliminates the need to use physical form and speeds up processes. All forms and reports have been digitized and made easy to fill and process.

Employees can access intranet software from their mobile devices to make it easy for them to access and keep working from anywhere.